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Who Are We?

Who are we?  Are we Americans?  Los Angeles (Lost Angeles) prints its ballots in seven languages.  If a voter can’t read or understand English, how can he understand the issues as presented on the news?  Steve King (R-Iowa) has a bill before Congress to make English the official language of the United States.  Did you know that the 7th requirement to immigrate to the U.S. is the ability to read, write, and speak English?  It’s long been a requirement, but like many laws and statutes, your government has chosen to ignore that requirement.  Support the English Language Unity Act.  Contact your Senator and Congressman.

Free, free, free…nothing is free.














The Death Of All You Hold Dear!

R.I.P. Self-Reliance, Responsibility, Self-Worth, Savings, Home Equity!


What have we seen as the result of the Obama administration and his vote buying minions?  We’ve seen the doubling of food stamps, of welfare, of unemployment, of energy prices at the same time as the destruction of savings, of home equity, of the net worth of middle America. The average Canadian now has a 40% higher net worth than the average American.

You say “I have the same savings as I had before Obama.”  Yes, you may, if you’re one of the lucky few, but your savings now buys much less.  Have you gone to the grocery store of late?  The Fed reports inflation as a very low figure…but you’re being manipulated, patted on the head, told “believe in us, and we’ll save you,” while your pocket is being picked, while your children and your grandchildren are driven deeper and deeper into debt, and into reliance upon government.  Remember the simple and oft times proven, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and don’t ever think that those whom your forced to, more and more, depend upon are not gaining more and more power.  The Fed lies to you to gain your conficence, the Fed lies by not reporting the cost of energy or the cost of food in their so-called inflation figures.  The eight pack of Swiss Miss I used to buy for $2.50 just cost me $4.59 at Albertsons, and it’s just the beginning.

You’re savings now earns a measly ¾%, which reflects the value not only America places upon their own dollar, but that the world places upon the dollar.  Your savings, what’s left, if anything, of your home equity (for years the foundation of middle American wealth) is destroyed.  Why? To increase your dependence on government.  To give up your freedom, your self-worth, your independence.

It’s the destruction of thrift, of saving, of a wish for self-reliance, it’s the birth of a planned reliance upon government, rather than upon your own abilities, your family, your church, and your immediate community.

It’s the planned destruction of self.

And you have only 100 days to reverse this terrible trend. 

100 Days to the Election!

100 DAYS 

To save self-reliance

To save responsibility

To save yourself and your children from increasing crushing debt 

To save this country as the go-to country in the world, the country you’ve known and loved, the country that has time and time again saved the world…your country. 

Vote conservative, vote for freedom, self-reliance, responsibility; vote to save the republic.

Obama Nation

Obama Nation – Ray Stevens (video)

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Opps, Where’s My Teleprompter!


Standing Ovation – Rep. Mike Kelly

Obama Administraion – Strangling America

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