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The Devil’s in the Diabolical Details!

Of course our heart goes out to a train load (dangerously on the roof), of children who’ve fought their way hundreds of miles to get a little piece of the American dream…  Can you blame them?  It’s not their fault.  So, who’s the real villain here?

Could it be a guy who arranged over three years ago to fund the Texas Catholic and Baptist churches with $65,000,000 to take care of unaccompanied illegal alien children?  Of course they’d accept it.  It was a gift from heaven????  Could it be the fact he made sure a $50,000,000 resort was purchased to house them?  And the diabolical Machiavellian plot goes on and on.  Did he have a plan that long ago?

Who said, “I’ll turn Texas into a blue state?”

Who was Machiavellian and evil enough to plot that the American public would not rise up against children?  Could not turn four year olds away without caring for them.

Who knew that children embraced by the current administration would most likely grow up, after being educated by liberal teachers, to vote the liberal line?

And who’s not stopping the flow, and by not stopping it, encouraging it?  And sending a message back to Central America, come.  He’s the guy at fault, he’s the cause of all the kids who fall under the train and lose limbs, he’s the one at fault for those who are molested and taken advantage of on the trip to freedom.  If they weren’t encouraged to start by the hope of winning a piece of the American dream, none of this would be happening.

So let’s turn the tide.  Let’s make sure those allowed to stay, and we know it will be far the majority while a token few are returned, are educated by teachers who understand who pays for education. What the free enterprise system is all about.  If Texas has the gonads, they’ll go after the educational system to make sure the majority of teachers, even those in primary schools, are like-minded with the majority of Texans…teachers who love self-reliance and free enterprise.  Not like minded with the guy at fault and the professors he’s run with all his life…professed Communists.  Rather, teachers who believe in the flag: “Don’t tread on Me.”  It’s time for the majority of Texans to cleanse the Universities, particularly those teaching education, of hand-out, palm-up tit suckers who teach the same philosophy.  And all of us, in states where self-reliance still lives, should do the same.

I don’t think that turning the U.S.A. brown will destroy the country.  I love Mexicans and most folks of color I’ve met, and being from California, I’ve met plenty.  In fact most I know are more adamantly in favor of border protection than I, and most are as hardworking, or more so, than I.  I’m one of few who understand that America is from not far below the North Pole to not far above the South. And God bless all of them.  But they must take care of themselves.  We have our hands full right here in the U.S.A. with folks here legally.

But all of us hand-in-hand is not the intent of the guy mentioned above.  Obama is trying to manipulate America to his and his party’s ends…and even many, if not most, of his party disagree.

And I disagree with anyone who plots to manipulate the structure of this country to his own ends in any manner…particularly by taking advantage of children.

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