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Menino & Bloomberg – A Bad Act

Mayors Against Guns

Here’s an article from the conservative blog Cowboy Byte.  I hope you see the irony in this coming, very expensive, TV spot featuring NY mayor Bloomberg and Boston mayor Thomas Menino.  In the body of the article is a quote from Bloomberg, who was visiting a NY cop just shot in the face.  He said, “We have someone who’s dedicated his life to protecting all of us, who has had a much too close brush with death tonight because of what appears to be an illegal gun….”

First, it’s always amazed me that any Jew can be in favor of gun control.  I guess many of them have very short memories, as gun control smacks of Germany in 1936, not long before they were lined up and marched into cattle cars in a SHORT FOUR YEAR PERIOD.  Bloomberg mentions that since the end of WW2 over 6 million have been killed in the U.S. by firearms.  He forgot to mention that during WW2 over 6 million Jews were murdered because they allowed their firearms to be confiscated.  Bloomberg, obviously, would be at the head of the line clamoring to climb into that cattle car.  What was it about his own statement “illegal gun” doesn’t he get?  ILLEGAL GUN, as if this shooter would not have had a gun even if all guns were outlawed all over the U.S.  If you look at these two guys, you cannot help but think of looking up imbecile in the dictionary and seeing this picture as an example.

The Article from Cowboy Byte:

Among the slick, million-dollar ads for the likes of Pepsi and Honda during the Super Bowl this Sunday, viewers in Washington will see a far more modest spot. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino will be sitting on a couch touting an issue most politicians avoid like the plague: gun control.

The two mayors, whose local teams face off in the big game, are making the pitch for Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), the organization they co-founded in 2006.

Murder has been on the decline in New York and other major American cities for years, but the mayors say they still see too many dead cops and teens. On Tuesday night, Bloomberg was at Bellevue Hospital inManhattan visiting a New York police officer who had just been shot in the face in Brooklyn.

“We have someone who’s dedicated his life to protecting all of us, who has had a much too close brush with death tonight because of what appears to be an illegal gun,” Bloomberg told a news conference. He added that more Americans have been killed by illegal guns since 1968 than were killed inWorld War II.

End of Article

Here are the facts:  According to the Center for Disease Control(CDC)

In the year 2007

Homicide with a firearm: 12,129
Suicide with a firearm: 17,348
Death by accidental discharge of firearm: 721
And roughly 5,000 deaths from legal interventions(I.E. police shooting criminals)

Way less than auto accidents.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_people_were_killed_by_guns_in_America_last_year#ixzz1lX20GPRR

The fact is, in this typical year with 30,198 deaths by firearms 17,348 were suicides and 721 were accidental.  Police and “legal” shootings accounted for over 5,000.  Of course the uber-liberal Bloomberg doesn’t mention the real statistics.  Nor the fact that far more were killed by auto accidents during the same period.  I presume with this logic he will want to outlaw the automobile next?

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