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Against Gun Ownership?

Those who cry out against gun ownership should first ask themselves, “Would I be one to stand up against a foreign or domestic threat to America and freedom?  Would I risk my life to save our way of life?”  If they can’t cry out, “Yes, yes, yes…”  Then they should SHUT UP.


Gun Violence?

The U.S. Will Have To Go After Your Guns. The U.N. Gun Treaty!

Rep. Paul Broun On The U.N. Treaty

It’s Not The Firearm, It’s The Government!

What a quandary we have with firearms in this country. When terrible things like the Aurora, CO theater shooting happen. How can you not wish firearms were not a part of the America experience? It’s the knee jerk reaction. What happened there was the fault of a society that doesn’t bring swift justice upon law breakers, swift punishment and/or praise, depending upon which is deserved, from the time our young are 3 years old. It’s not the fault of guns, it’s the fault of self-reliance, self-worth, or the lack thereof. Had that happened in Montana, there’s a very good chance someone would have ended the problem with their own firearm. You can’t blame the gun, for that cowardly perp could have driven his car into a crowd. You’ve got to blame a society gone astray, a society that teaches dependence rather than self-reliance, and dependence breeds cowardice. Had that shooter felt decent about himself, he would have valued the lives of others, and teaching dependency, as America now revels in, teaches only antipathy, disdain for self-worth, self-reliance, and decent thought. He didn’t value others because he didn’t value himself. It will be easy to blame the firearms, when what should be blamed is our drift toward the cowardice of dependence upon government rather than ourselves.

What Barack & Hillary Want From The U.N. Gun Treaty

Enact tougher licensing requirements, creating additional bureaucratic red tape for legal firearms ownership.

Confiscate and destroy all “unauthorized” civilian firearms (exempting those owned by our government of course).

Ban the trade, sale and private ownership of all semi-automatic weapons (any that have magazines even though they still operate in the same one trigger pull – one single “bang” manner as revolvers, a simple fact the ant-gun media never seem to grasp).

Create an international gun registry, clearly setting the stage for full-scale gun confiscation.

In short, overriding our national sovereignty, and in the process, providing license for the federal government to assert preemptive powers over state regulatory powers guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment in addition to our Second Amendment rights.

In other words, the complete destruction of the 2nd Amendment and your gun rights.

Call or write your Senators and Congressman today, and say NO U.N. IN MY GUN CABINET!  In one week it will be too late!


Hey Canada, How’s That Gun Control Thing Working For Ya?

Hey Canada, How’s That Gun Control Thing Working For Ya?

Two killed, nineteen injured in Toronto gun incident!

When I was in Canada, not long after gun control was implemented, I encountered a Royal Mounted Police officer in a 7/11 type market and had the opportunity to chat with him.  My first question was “how’s the gun control working out for you?”  His answer, “Fine as our shootings are down.  It’s really good for the criminals as when they rob they’re assured the vic doesn’t have a firearm.”

Don’t you find that comforting?  When you’re robbed or raped or murdered, you have the comfort of knowing the criminal won’t be as nervous as he’s assured, by the gun control laws, that he’ll be the only one in the incident to be armed.