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A rose is a rose, by any other name…

A rose is a rose, by any other name….

And the Tea Party would be hundreds of thousands (most likely millions and millions) of disgruntled, disgusted, and disenchanted Americans, by any other name.

Disgruntled?  You bet, anyone in their right mind would be disgruntled with a congress who led them into a major economic downturn, unfettered unemployment, and coming run-away inflation, all so they could “buy” votes from those (willing to lie about their qualifications) who felt entitled to three bedrooms and two baths, afford them or not, and “buy” votes from those benefiting from such lackadaisical border enforcement that they can come and go as they please…and vote, and get welfare, and get medical care, all paid for by those dumb Tea Party folks who’ve been busy working and paying their taxes and paying little attention to what goes on in Dirty D.C.

Disgusted?  You bet, anyone in almost any state of mind would be disgusted with a congress who continues to vote themselves pay raises and perks as if they were the royalty of this republic, while all those who actually produce something, or have produced something until their jobs went to India, stand in unemployment lines, waiting to be insulted by the “public sector” whose wages increased 38% in the last 10 years, while private sector job income increased only 10%.  Not to speak of their ridiculous retirement and health benefits which we poor unwashed are un-entitled.  It’s hard for the private sector to elbow them out of the trough and get even a peon’s share.  The only common language in Congress is “Oink.”

Disenchanted?  You bet, anyone who has an iota of sense can see through the words of a man who talks beautifully, so long as he has a teleprompter, but thinks the electorate is so stupid they can’t see that he does none of what he promises.  You and I are too ignorant to see that he makes us feel warm and fuzzy, even though he governs with the secrecy of the Kremlin, knowing that we’re happy with what he says, and care little about what he does…so long as he wows us with words.  And why would we care?  We didn’t care that he had no birth certificate to prove he was legally qualified to run for the office.  We didn’t care that he had the justice department spend millions to keep us from seeing his college applications and how he financed his very, very expensive education, or any of those personal items that any candidate should be willing to allow access to…as his administration is so very, very transparent.

So call them the Main Street Hoards or the Coffee Clutch Camaraderie, or the Dirty Dozens and Dozens and Millions, or by any other name, and they’ll still be the disgruntled, disgusted, and disenchanted…until there’s real CHANGE.

I, for one, am tired of being presumed ignorant, or worse, stupid.  I will no longer follow the pied piper into socialism, so Tea Party folks, if that’s your name, lead the way.