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Underprivileged or Under-Proud?

Underprivileged or Under-proud

by L. J. Martin

The next time you’re tempted to give money to a panhandler (bum) then remember this exchange between a cop and an Oklahoma City hand-out, palm-up scumbag, as just reported on Fox News:

Cop:  “Why don’t you get a job?”

Bum:  “Number one, I’m lazy; Number two I make $60,000 a year.”

That would be the end of story if it convinced you not to perpetuate this behavior on American streets.  I was semi-cured when I was approached by a Native American in a shopping center in Missoula, Montana, who was with his wife (babe in arms) and his elderly mother.  He asked, “Man, can you help me out?  I need gas to get back home to the rez.”  I, feeling guilty that my work ethic had paid off, gave him five bucks.  A week later, same guy, same sidewalk in front of the shopping center.  I walked in the pack-and-ship I frequent and asked the clerk.  “What’s the story with the guy bumming money out front.”  The answer, “Oh, he’s here every summer working the sidewalk.  The grandma and baby thing works really well.”

I should have been cured.

Two years later I was leaving a Subway shop where I’d just bought a sandwich, and had it cut in half as my wife might have enjoyed it and I was on my way home.  Driving out of the parking lot, wa la, a panhandler with his dog and sign “Hungry. Will work for food.”  Again, feeling guilty about my success and forgetting to attribute it to work ethic, I stopped and pushed the down button on my truck window.  “Hey, I just bought this sandwich at Subway and was taking half of it home to my wife, but you’re welcome to it.”  He jumps up and takes it with, “God bless you man, you may have saved my life.”  I drive away and in my large truck side mirror see him unrolling the sandwich…for his dog.

Now, I love dogs and in retrospect am not the least unhappy about the dog getting fed, but I’m perturbed about the lie, and the fact I’m a sucker…again.

Giving anything to panhandlers just makes them convinced that they are smarter than you and I, and can live off the guilt that drives liberal thinking in this country where so many of us have so much (including those so-called poverty level folks, who, with cell phones and flat screen T.V.’s and warm roofs over their heads are ultra wealthy in the eyes of so much of the rest of the world).  By the way, that bum who makes sixty thousand a year takes money from those poverty level folks who think him underprivileged.  And, yes, he is very, very underprivileged: he’s not privileged to have any pride.

Tell the bums where the nearest shelter is, which they won’t go to because most shelters have rules, and their only rule is being able to con you.

L. J. Martin is the author of 30 book length works and the conservative blog,  He lives in Montana with his wife, who’s a best-selling author of romantic suspense.  They winter in California, where both were born.  For more see and

Pee On Dr. Spock’s Grave?

This is the consequence of not putting the paddle to the butt of kids who misbehave. Dr. Spock was WRONG. On his birthday all who’ve suffered from kids who thumb their noses at authority should line up and pee on his grave.  The culpirts should spend at least a week in jail, on bread and water.

Flash Mobs – Paddle The Little Butt’s Butts.

46.7 Million Now On Food Stamps

46.7 now on food stamps.  The Democratic administration is buying votes, and ruining American initiative and self-reliance like never before.

Hard work makes a man, hand-out, palm-up, forsakes a man.  Welcome to the Communist country of the United States of Mooch….

Allen West Rips The Press A New One!  (clink on the link, not on the pic)

Want to keep this singularly unique straight talking Congressman in office?  I do.  Here’s a way to donate to his campaign. If enough of us send $25.00 to patriots like this, we can take back the country:

Dear Friend,

Today, I voted with a majority of the US House of Representatives to repeal Obamacare, but we still have a lot of work to do to achieve full repeal.

First, to replace Obamacare,we have to replace Barack Obama. We also have to win a majority of seats in the US Senate and protect our House majority committed to stopping this massive tax increase. That won’t be easy.

National Democrats and liberals have made me their number one target in their efforts to return Nancy Pelosi to Speaker. Just this week we learned, a new George Soros-funded Super PAC focused on distorting my record will finalize their paperwork with the FEC. There are already two other left-wing Super PACs planning to spend millions on negative attacks, gross distortions and outright lies.  We need your help to fight back.

Help protect our US House majority for repealing and replacing Obamacare. Contribute here:


You Have TOO MUCH!

It’s time to get the U.N. the hell out of the U.S.

Agenda 21, take from you, give to them….

Even Pelosi’s Daughter Gets It. Why Doesn’t She?

DO NOT miss this video.

Pelosi’s Daughter…On The Street!

Beyond Belief…I’m Abe Lincoln And If I Say So, They’ll Give Me A Ballot!

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Your Gas Money Goes Here….

This flight costs about $600 from Bankok to Hong Kong, about 3 hours.  The Arabs can afford it because your government regulates you into total submission, while a Volks gets 70 mpg in Europe, it gets half that here.  See this video: 78.5 mpg Volks We bought a Mercedes in Germany that would not qualify for California EPA standards (they couldn’t sell them in Calif.) and it got 37 miles per gallon.  A California Mercedes gets about 20.  We’re making the Arabs rich.  And the networks are all raving about the fact that a barrel of oil dropped below $100…just so Obama looks good.  Remember when Bush left office, the price of oil was $45 a barrel, but he was the terrible capitalist who took care of the oil companies.  How stupid do the networks and the administration think we are.  Damned stupid.

We keep making them rich! Flying in Arab style. (video)