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Are you as astounded as I am?

When asked about their opinion on the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, this from a recent Gallup Poll:

Approve           22%

Disapprove     15%

Don’t Know    63%

Killing the Goose… : Public Unions.

Public Unions

Weight of the World on Taxpayers Shoulders

Public Unions Should be Taken Out of the Equation

It’s time we outlawed political contributions from Public Unions.  No other political contribution source is so directly attached to the largess of congress than, obviously, public employees.

Why should public employees be able to excerpt political muscle with money originating from the taxpayer?  You pay every payroll received by public employees from the Department of Agriculture right down to the kindergarten teacher in your local school, they in turn pay into their unions who use your money to legislate for higher wages and less work…your pocket is picked to improve the power if not the skills of the pickpockets, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it unless it’s outlawed.

Unions played a critical role in this country, particularly at the turn of the last century when they got reasonable pay, reasonable hours, reasonable lunch and rest breaks…but that was before the time and reform of the law and the courts.  Now if an employee is treated badly or overlooked for promotion because of race or religion, or even age, they are protected by a number of public agencies and eventually have redress in the courts.  Public sector wages increased 38% over the past dozen years while private sector wages increased only 10%, and those statistics are a couple of years old and I’m sure more disproportionate today.  It’s time the steamroller of Public Unions ran out of gas, as its you and I getting flattened into the mud.

Only so much blood can be taken from the turnip of private enterprise, from each and every one of you out there who are not on the public tit.  Particularly when 47% don’t pay any income tax, the source of federal public employee wages.  The iceburg is melting at the bottom, and is about to roll over, and what will that public sector do when all those in private enterprise are thrown into a cold sea, and it’s almost too close to contemplate.

It’s time we banned political contributions from public unions.

Union Political Contributions….

This should be enlightening to those of you paying union dues.  Do you know where your money’s going?

Leading Union Political Campaign Contributors
  Democrats Republicans  
American Fed. of State, County, & Municipal Employees $40,281,900 $547,700  
Intel Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 29,705,600 679,000  
National Education Association 27,679,300 2,005,200  
Service Employees International Union 26,368,470 98,700  
Communication Workers of America 26,305,500 125,300  
Service Employees International Union 26,252,000 1,086,200  
Laborers Union 25,734,000 138,000  
American Federation of Teachers 25,682,800 200,000  
United Auto Workers 25,082,200 182,700  
Teamsters Union 24,926,400 1,822,000  
Carpenters and Joiners Union 24,094,100 658,000  
Machinists & Aerospace Workers Union 23,875,600 226,300  
United Food and Commercial Workers Union 23,182,000 334,200  
AFL-CIO 17,124,300 713,500  
Sheet Metal Workers Union 16,347,200 342,800  
Plumbers & Pipefitters Union 14,790,000 818,500  
Operating Engineers Union 13,840,000 2,309,500  
Airline Pilots Association 12,806,600 2,398,300  
International Association of Firefighters 12,421,700 2,685,400  
United Transportation Workers 11,807,000 1,459,300  
Ironworkers Union 11,638,900 936,000  
American Postal Workers Union 11,633,100 544,300  
Nat’l Active & Retired Fed. Employees Association 8,135,400 2,294,600  
Seafarers International Union 6,726,800 1,281,300  


Source: Center for Responsive Politics, Washington , D.C.


Now, here are the totals:


Democrats received $486,440,870 from the unions during this period; or 96%.  (25% from Federal, State & Local Government Employees)

Republicans received $23,886,800 from the unions during this period. or 4%.


Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs & The American Spirit, RIP

by L. J. Martin


I think it particularly poignant that we pause and celebrate the life and accomplishments of Steve Jobs, who was given up for adoption by his parents, who rose from humble beginnings to leave his company with five times the cash reserves of the U.S.A.

Now we have protestors all over America, and particularly on Wall Street complaining, whining, crying about the disparity between the rich and the poor.  America is, now more than ever, the land of opportunity.  During my lifetime I always found I did better in downturns, due to the fact others were busy crying in their beer, and I was working. Were those sticking their heads and signs up out of the George Soros sponsored crowd, sticking their head down and tail up, getting to work, they, too, might enjoy the kind of success and accomplishment that Jobs achieved.

However, you can’t join a union and expect great economic gain, you can’t become a teacher and expect to get rich, you can’t go to work for the government and expect to win big.  You can do those things and hope for some security, some retirement, a check at the end of every month…but you shouldn’t do that and decry the rich who’ve not done so, who’ve risk all many times, who have probably filed bankruptcy twice in their lives and lost everything, as I have.  That’s the average multi-millionaire in the U.S., in case you haven’t looked at the statistics.  Rather than picketing, those folks should be working, and spending their off hours working some more if they want to join those financially independent.

And in case you’ve wondered, risk and hard work are what made this country great.

A bit of history:

Collis Huntington, one of the big four who built the Central Pacific half of the Transcontinental Railroad, left NY to travel to the gold rush, landing in Panama and making the crossing on foot.  He had just over a hundred dollars left of his savings.  He found the steamer he was to take to California from Panama City to be a month late.  He could have lounged in the cantinas, played cards and bided his time, but no, he was Collis Huntington.  He packed a huge backpack with goods and made the crossing back and forth across Panama a half dozen times, selling supplies.  He left Panama city a month later with two thousand dollars.  That’s the American spirit, that’s what made America great.  Huntington and his partner Hopkins started a hardware store in Sacramento City, selling to hopeful gold miners, and when the time came, joined with Stanford (yes, the founder of the University), and Charles Crocker, and all risk all they had many times during the tenuous and at times terrible construction of the railway across the snow laden Sierra.  By the way, all four of the so-called “big four” started with little or nothing.

Later in the century, Leland Stanford, now incredibly successful, and his wife travelled to Harvard University, dressed modestly, and without disclosing the reason for their visit, made an appointment to see the president of America’s most prestigious university.  They were left waiting over an hour in his waiting room.  Unknown to the president this modest couple had come to bequeath a million dollars to Harvard.  They rightfully decided that Harvard wasn’t appreciative of their efforts, left, returned to California, and Stanford University was born.  The rich, particularly those who feel blessed by becoming so in this country of opportunity, often pay back, as did Leland Stanford.  Stanford University would not have been born had Stanford not risk all, had Stanford not become wealthy in America, had Stanford spent his time bemoaning his fate and picketing on Wall Street.

Huntington, Stanford, and yes, Steve Jobs exemplify the American spirit; that’s what made America the go to country in the world.  And that’s why I mourn the passing of an icon of the American spirit, Steve Jobs.

RIP Steve Jobs, and let’s pray that it’s not soon to be RIP the spirit that made America great.

L. J. Martin is the author of the conservative blog  He’s also the author of 27 published books and dozens of articles published in national periodicals.  He and his wife, an NYT bestselling author, are Montana residents. His many books can be found on Amazon in print and eBook, and on other internet sites.

There are no socialists…Victor Davis Hanson

Came to me on the web…brilliant:

Quote of the Day: Victor Davis Hanson on Why There’s No Such Thing As a Real Socialist

So what is socialism? It is a sort of modern version of Louis XV’s “Après moi, le déluge” – an unsustainable Ponzi scheme in which elite overseers, for the duration of their own lives, enjoy power, influence, and gratuities by implementing a system that destroys the sort of wealth for others that they depend upon for themselves.

Once the individual develops a dependency on food stamps, free medical care, subsidized housing, all sorts of disability or unemployment compensation, education credits, grants, and zero-interest loans — the entire American version of the European socialist breadbasket — then expectations for far more always keep rising, with a commensurate plethora of new justifications, usually in the realm of someone else having more than the recipient, always unjustly so. The endangered aid recipient is always seen as being pushed off a cliff in a wheel chair — therefore, “they” can afford to give “me” more; things are not “fair”; there is no “equality.”

. . . . History is not kind to such collective states of mind. Pay an Athenian in the fifth century BC a subsidy to go to the theater; and in the fourth century BC he is demanding such pay to vote in the assembly as well — and there is not to be a third century free democratic polis. Extend to a Roman in the first century BC a small grain dole, and by the late first century AD he cannot live without a big dole, free entertainment in a huge new Coliseum, and disbursements of free coined money. Let the emperor Justinian try cutting back the bloated bureaucracy in sixth century AD Constantinople and he wins the Nika riots that almost destroy a civilization from within even as it is beset by hosts of foreign enemies.

. . . . What stops socialism?

I fear bankruptcy alone.

Who are socialists?

There are none. Only technocratic overseers who wish to give someone else’s money to others as a means of winning capitalist-style lifestyles and power for themselves — in a penultimate cycle of unsustainable spending.

— Victor Davis Hanson, “There Are No Socialists,” Pajamas Media


Are “Union” and “Communist” now interchangeable?

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Myrtle Mae & Union Rep Reggie

Myrtle Mae & Union Rep Reggie by L. J. Martin copyright 2011