A Host of Cowards

We’re Led by a Host of Cowards

by L. J. Martin


The Democrats in the Senate insist on continuing the drunken binge that’s Washington spending, and half the Republicans are willing to go along.  What is it about being out of money don’t they understand?

And the worst of it is, the president will let the budget/debt limit default, then fail to pay only two items:  social security and military pay.  God knows he won’t fail to pay government employees or politicians.  Trust me, Congress will continue to get their checks.  He’ll only fail to pay those who’s work directly effects the masses…the post office, the FAA who handle control towers, the border patrol (who he doesn’t want at work non-the-less), the military, and others so you and I feel the crunch, so you and I yell for the problem to be solved no matter the long term effect.  He feels he can play the same game Clinton did against the only house leader who ever had the guts to bring things to a standstill, Newt Gingrich.  Clinton went on to a second term, and Gingrich took the brunt of the American people who didn’t share his fortitude.

Why?  Why would Obama take the risk?  Because he knows Americans have grown even more weak and complacent.  They’ve been at the trough so long they can’t force themselves away.  If our mail doesn’t come on time, particularly our so called entitlements or our welfare or our student loans that don’t have to be repaid, then we’ll say “What the hell is the difference if we go another trillion in debt?”  So long as it’s not my ox being gored.

Obama knows holding SS checks, stopping government services, etc., will create an ear-splitting outcry against himself and the Democrats, but most of all, against Republicans.  Who’s to say that those who paid into social security, who invested for all their working lives, and who now are old and infirm, shouldn’t get what’s coming to them?  That’s a real entitlement.  The salary of some fat cat in the Labor Department is not an entitlement and would stop the moment he’s discharged.  And who’s to say that our underpaid military, most of whom are living from paycheck to paycheck, shouldn’t receive their due on time?  None of us want that.

And, the hell of it is, who’ll blame Obama, even though he holds the pen that writes the checks?  You can rest assured he’ll chose the old and infirm, the military, the SS recipient to take the brunt, rather than Congress or a bunch of overpaid fat cat bureaucrats in D.C.  After all, they were to blame for creating the problem,…why should the result of their ineptitude effect them?  He’s counting on those who’s ox are the first to get gored to raise so much hell that he’ll be the hero when it’s finally resolved…no matter how utterly wrong he is.  We’re led by a host of cowards who refuse to do what’s right for the country, and depend upon our weakness to back them up.

Why?  Why can they depend up us hiding our heads in the sand?

Because the press, 95% of whom are liberal, will try and lay the blame for all that brought this country to the brink of economic collapse on those who refuse to continue the path that led to that result.  They’ll blame those who are trying hard to stop the flushing of America’s wealth, America’s promise, America’s future, down the toilet of wanton vote buying, wanton disregard for common sense.  They’ll blame the few who stand up and say “no more debt.”  They’ll blame those with the guts not to comprise the future of America, your children and mine, your grandchildren and mine, and theirs.

Why would Republicans want to stop spending a trillion a year more than income?  How will that result in politicians retaining their fat checks at the end of every month?

I’ve heard so many platitudes being blabbered out of politician’s mouths in the last couple of months, on both sides of the aisle, that I want to barf.

No sounds of the huge Department of Labor and Department of Education being cut in size, no sounds of the billions in foreign aid being cut, no sounds of the duplication of government service being reduced, and on and on.  No real spending cuts.

Why?  Why don’t you hear the sound of scissors and machetes from D.C.?

Because they know the liberal press will say how can you put folks out on the street when we already have such high unemployment?

As with most economic solutions it’s simple.  In addition to stopping the senseless spending, you give tax credits to companies who hire severed government employees, so long as they don’t sever an existing employee in order to hire one.  For example, the Department of Labor severs a hundred thousand dollar a year employee, thus saving the government that same hundred thousand dollars a year.  That employee is hired by IBM, who receives a hundred thousand dollar tax credit, thus saving IBM one hundred thousand dollars in tax they would have paid that year.  Yes, the government doesn’t receive that hundred thousand, and wa la, yes they don’t need it as they’ve cut a hundred thousand from their expenditures.  The next year the government gives IBM a $66,666.66 tax credit (if your math is good you’ll realize that the government is now $33,333.33 ahead) and the final of three years IBM receives a $33,333.33 tax credit.  Now the government is $66,666.66 ahead. IBM has had three years to assimilate that severed employee, and the government, in the fourth year,is now a hundred grand per year ahead, and the size of government is reduced, and the severed employee is assimilated.  Of course, this is a Reagonomic’s solution, and one that would not set well with the current Senate for that very reason, no matter how good it would be for the country.  God knows Congress wouldn’t accept a common sense solution.

And what would happen if we did postpone payment on interest on our government bonds, held mostly by China, but some by other countries and by American companies, trusts, banking institutions, insurance companies, and individuals?  Is China going to go to war with the U.S. because we missed a few payments?  Would you kill the goose who laid the golden egg?  Of course not.  Like California did, we can pay with a promissory note.  I got one myself from California, and laughed, a sort of sad laugh for my old state, but a laugh.  No one in China will starve because we miss a payment.  They’ll wait, and they’ll actually be pleased to wait if they think we’re finally confronting our problem.

The fact is the rest of the world is very smart, particularly cultures like the Chinese, the French, the English, the Swiss—all of whom are much older cultures that ours, all of who have ties and sox older than most American bank accounts.  Europe and Asia have money that’s flowed down for 20 generations.  They will, in fact, say “Is America sobering up?  Thank, God,” and know that we can now go on reclaiming a healthy economy, an economy living within it’s means.  Europe and Asia will not panic, they’ll be pleased to see America coming to her senses.  Yes, they’ll scold us like a parent would a recalcitrant child, but they should, and we should listen.

But don’t worry, our politicians won’t give Europe or Asia the opportunity to pat us on the head and tell us how happy they are that we’ve awakened from the nightmare of reckless spending, of runaway government growth.  The D.C. politicians don’t have the guts to solve the problem, and won’t even confront is as they continue to prove, day by suffering day.

When are we going to get to the heart of the problem…the Pillsbury Dough Boy that is now our government, and the cowards who revel in their power.

L. J. Martin is the author of the conservative blog http://fromthepeapatch.com.  Go to that site for a free eBook: From The Pea Patch.  He’s the author of 27 published books and dozens of articles published in national periodicals.  His latest book is the co-authored INTERNET RICH, available on Amazon in print and from several sources in eBook.



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