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Here’s a response to one of my posts that’s well worth reading, thanks to Larry Flinchpaugh LTE:

Millions, Billions, Trillions

How many of us really understand how much money is in a million, billion or trillion dollars? Sure we know each of these dollar amounts are a lot of money but few of us have little or no experience of using these amounts in our daily lives. Our politicians, including the president of the United States, and the controlled mainstream media take advantage of our lack of understanding of these huge amounts when they talk about the budget deficit.

They are all misleading the public when they speak of cutting the 1.6 trillion dollar budget deficit by 30 to 60 billion dollars. A budget deficit of 1.6 trillion dollars means that our government has spent 1600 billion dollars more than the income it collects through taxes and other sources of federal income.

A 10% cut for all federal government departments would seem reasonable but they are only considering a 2% cut. (30/1600=2%) Why not cut 1600 billion dollars from the deficit and solve 100 % of the budget crisis instead of only 2%. Both the democrats and republican leadership have failed to cut anything meaningful from the budget.

Don’t be fooled again by those same liars and propagandists who claim the cuts would have to come from entitlements and social security and Medicare. There are enough cuts to be made from a reduction in fraud and abolishing duplicate and unnecessary federal government departments. If that’s not enough, we can save billions more by not trying to be the policeman of the world and by correcting the flaws in our evil and unconstitutional banking system.

Budget Crisis

Our congressmen still don’t get it and will pay a heavy price in the 2012 election unless they start representing their constituents instead of the special interest groups. The Tea Party groups, with the support of a substantial number of American citizens, has demanded that we have a balanced budget and through the election process is replacing those politicians who are not representing them.

Both the Democrats and the Republicans are now arguing about cutting 30 to 60 billion dollars from a budget deficit of 1.6 trillion. (1600 billion) Thirty billion dollars is only a 2% cut which is meaningless plus it is an insult to the intelligence of the American people. Instead of solving only 2% of the budget crisis (30/1600=2%), why not cut 1600 billion dollars in expenses so we can have a 100% balanced budget. Problem solved!

Don’t let the political fear mongers scare you by saying the cuts will have to come from Social Security and Medicare. That’s just not true. There are billions of dollars that can be cut by abolishing, but not limited to, the Patriot Act, Federal Department of Education, Energy Department, Housing and Urban Development, Farm Subsidies, and financial and military aid to countries like Israel. Most of these are unconstitutional anyway; if that makes any difference.

Billions more could be saved by decriminalizing drug use and by treating drug addicts as sick people instead of making them into criminals. Not only would we save the cost of apprehension, prosecution and incarceration but we could collect billions in taxes on the drugs. No, I don’t condone the use of illegal addictive drugs but it should be clear to everyone that the “War on Drugs” isn’t working and never will.

Also we can declare our country bankrupt and write off the 48% owed to the privately owned Federal Reserve who charges us interest for printing and loaning us our own money. (48% of our 14 trillion dollar debt is 6.72 trillion dollars) Not only would that allow us to balance our budget but it would also pay off almost one half of our national debt.

No need to feel sorry for the bankers because they have stolen much more than the 6.7 trillion dollars from the American tax payer since 1913 when the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act and the 16th Amendment were passed.

The 16th Amendment allowed the government to collect income tax on its citizen’s salaries which goes mainly to pay the Feds interest rather than any government services for the people.

Larry Flinchpaugh LTE 4/2011

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