Ain’t We Special…. A License To Steal

From Social Security Institute:

Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House, made millions of dollars trading Visa stocks while holding off credit-card reform legislation.

John Boehner, as House Minority Leader, raked in huge profits by trading health insurance stocks just days ahead of crucial votes on ObamaCare.

Financial Services Committee Chairman Spencer Bachus is one of the most egregious stock options traders in all of Congress (he was engaged in 40 options trades during the 2008 financial crisis). The House Financial Services Committee he chairs also happens to be the very committee that is conducting the hearings on H.R. 1148 in the House. Bachus apparently has been using information learned in committee to make regular, sometimes even nightly stock trades – literally enriching himself at every possible opportunity.

Sen. Claire McCaskill bought half a million dollars of Berkshire Hathaway stock just as the bank bailout was signed into law. Berkshire was a huge recipient of bailout money to the tune of $90 billion.

Another member of the Financial Services Committee is Sen. Tom Carper, who also sits on the Health Subcommittee of the Senate Finance Committee. Sen. Carper was the point man on passing ObamaCare in 2009. He bought health care stocks that would benefit from ObamaCare as he was actively pushing for passage of the bill.


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