America… How About A Dose Of Common Sense

Liberals (read elation):  Oh, boy, we’re number one!

Conservatives (read disgust and dismay):  Oh, my God, we’re number one!

Yes, we’re number one.  Now that Japan has reduced their corporate income tax, the U.S. has the highest tax in the world.  Why, as a stockholder, would you not sue any company administration who didn’t move out of the United States?  You have grounds.  If they choose to remain in the U.S. they are sqaundering YOUR MONEY.  That’s the position in which congress forces corporate management and and boards of directors.

And we wonder why jobs are gushing out of the country.  Ireland has a 12% corporate tax.  And EVERY other country in the world has a lower corporate tax rate than the U.S.

I wonder when they’ll learn that 100 at 20% is more than 50 at 35%?  And not only is the corporate income more, there are more Americans with more jobs buying more goods and paying more individual taxes.

Ronnie Reagan, it’s time to slip the bonds of your heavenly home and come back and haunt congressmen and senators…bring some sense and some fiscal responsibility back to the knotheads in know-nothing-ville.  And bring jobs back to America.

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