As If “TAXED BY THE MILE” Is Something New.

This idiot doesn’t know that we are already taxed “by the mile.’  What does he think gasoline taxes are?

From Conservative Action Alerts:

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-ND) has proposed taxing cars by the mile in order to increase federal highway revenues.

So, just because the federal government needs more money, they’re going to increase taxes on every American with a license? That’s insane! Washington needs to cut back on its spending not charging drivers just for living their lives.

The Democrats know that people can’t simply stop driving, so this is just a way for them to fund their out-of-control spending on the backs of hardworking Americans who are already struggling because of this administration’s policies.

If this idea is allowed to pass, it will FORCE Americans to move closer to their place of business, LIMITING FREEDOM. This ABSOLUTELY CANNOT HAPPEN.

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  • Kathy Walsh:

    All I can say to this is OMG. Is this moron just trying to kill us all off or what? This would literally shut down America to a complete standstill, forcing more employees to be laid off and forcing more and more into the streets & onto the welfare system, which, as we all know, is in terrible shape already.

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