Cicero, the general, Knew That War is a Time for Unusual Measures….

“During war, the laws are silent.”
– Quintus Tullius Cicero
(c.102-43 B.C.), Roman general; brother of Cicero the orator

Even before the birth of Christ, men understood that in the time of war it’s necessary to take unusual steps to protect us.  Montana Congressman Denny Rehberg is among those pushing for a bill to allow Homeland Security to bring vehicles into our wilderness areas.  At a time when four men can backpack a dirty bomb into the country…a bomb that could wipe out L. A. country, it’s time for unusual measures.  Liberals in the guise of sportsmen and environmentalists are all over the T.V. proclaiming it’s an invasion of our rights…well, our right to live, and not die a horrid death from radioactivity or reisen poison, is more important than keeping vehicles out of our public lands.  PROTECT OUR BORDERS.  It’s more important than a few jeep tracks in the sand.

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