Creating A Job Is A Good Thing? Not If It’s A Government Job.

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Eventually government Will Grow Themselves Out Of A Host To Prey Upon

The best thing a growing government does is create jobs for themselves, and growth for growth’s sake is ALWAYS a bad thing.  Even when an employee finds they have ten hours a day of work, and complains to the boss that they need help, and he hires another employee…what happens? Now you have two employees with only five hours of work to do each day. Those employees get into that rut, and demand grows and they have six hours each, and complain to the boss that they’re overworked, so he hires another employee.  Now there are three employees doing twelve hours of work, or four hours each, and it goes on and on.  And without a profit motive such as there is in private business, in order for private business to survive: the public sector has no such constraints.

And the government manager is actually happy, thinking he’s created another job.  When in fact he’s created another burden on the back of you and every other taxpayer in the country.

I’ve pointed out before that the two largest employers in the U.S. are WalMart and McDonalds, each with about a million and a half employees. The Department of Labor alone has over two million.  In all the cheap rhetoric you hear out of Washington D.C., have you heard one squawk about cutting the SIZE of government?  No, you haven’t.  They propose what they call as cuts, which in fact are not cuts at all, but only a slowing of the growth of government.

And government is ruining your way of life, your standard of living, and mine.  After a remodel on our house, we installed a new $700 G.E. dishwasher.  It’s not a dishwasher, it’s a storage bin for dishes while some water is splashed thereon.  New regulations imposed by the EPA and other government agencies have emasculated the dishwasher, as they have the top-loading clothes washer.  There are times, certainly, when some regulation is for the good of the country, but when it destroys the function of what it regulates, that’s growth in government for growth’s sake.  That’s the doctor killing the patient with the cure.  If they want to regulate to the point of destruction why not just ban dishwashers?  Because then they would have to endure the wrath of the housewife, and they don’t want that.  Instead, they allow the householder to waste $700 on a appliance that’s little more than a waster of cabinet space.

Every government agency becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  They grow for growths sake, without anyway to judge their efficiency or efficacy.  It would be nice if government had some symbiotic relationship with the private sector, but once that uncontrolled growth starts they are a leech on the butt of private enterprise, and upon the quality of life of every citizen in the private sector.  When and if the initial problem they were created to solve, is solved, if ever, they begin to look for other justifications for their existence, more perceived problems to solve, and they create problems when none actually exist.  That’s government in America today.

The incandescent lightbulb is a great example.  Yes, they use more electricity than the new, screw shaped, energy efficient light bulbs, the CFL blubs.  So, my local building department dictated that new construction or remodels install not only energy efficient CFL bulbs, but fixtures (cans) that would only take those bulbs.  No screw-in bulbs could be utilized.  Now, not only do we have to wait until the light comes up to full force, many minutes, but now we find that the new bulbs are a triple threat to the environment.  Should I complain to the building department?  And received the satisfaction of a shrug of the shoulders?  The new bulbs are supposed to last up to ten times longer and require ¼ of the power consumption.  Of course they contain mercury and to listen to the EPA you should run screaming from the house if you happen to break one.  They require special disposal.  A perfect cast of over regulation?  A perfect case of government “permitting” me to do something, and requiring the payment for that permit, in order to do something that I’m now allowed to undo, at great cost.  Yes, I’m going back to screw-in bulbs, but not before getting totally screwed by government, and believe me, it was without the kiss.  However, I got something they can kiss.

Government is one thing, and that’s an exercise in frustration.

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