Crushing, crushing, crushing…debilitating debt.

Better a Gecko now than a Godzilla tomorrow…

It’s time to reflect upon who you are, and who those who came before were; and at this particular time in you’re here-to-fore privileged life as an American, who and how you want to be thought of by those who follow.

It’s time to think about the legacy we’re leaving our children and grandchildren, and with the horrendous debt we’ve incurred, possibly saddling…crushing…generation after generation to follow.

John Boehner has acquiesced on raising the debt limit.  Now it’s ‘you give us some cuts and we’ll raise the limit’.  Sorry, folks, that’s not what we want out of congress, raising the debt limit is pouring gasoline on the fire, not water.  Going into debt deeper and deeper?  How’s that going to solve the problem?

Yes, we won’t be able to pay some debt if we don’t raise the debt limit…so is it better to face that wall now or later, when it’s tougher and tougher to climb.  A show of waving their arms and complaining is not what we need from our congressmen, what we need is a firm hard stand, a line in the sand…no, a line in concrete, and the time is now.  NOW.

We need folks in congress with an ounce of chicken guts, not a yellow streak that they try to hide with rhetoric.  STAND UP, CONGRESS AND SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

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