Entitlement – The Wrong Word

Entitlement – The Wrong Word

It irritates me every time I hear the press or a politician use the word “entitlement” as the context in which they use it is entirely WRONG.

Entitle (no such word as entitlement listed), in my 1846 dictionary, means something which you’ve earned; today, it means something the government has granted.  Its current use is not only wrong, but destructive.  Entitlement, in far too many instances, now means “welfare.”

When it comes to Social Security (owed three trillion by the Fed), it’s particularly heinous.  As last year SS took in eight hundred billion and paid out only seven hundred billion, how could it possibly be broke?  Technically, it’s not, as it holds bonds from the Fed for three trillion bucks…of course Congress actually pilfered that money as when you borrow something and you have no intention, and no capability, of paying it back, then it’s not a loan, it’s theft.  That’s why the current generation entering the program, who’ve long paid into Social Security, are about to be stiffed by the Fed.  The Fed (Congress) has stolen from the program, and the program has become welfare, and a vote buying vehicle, rather than a trustee of those funds invested.  Those truly “entitled” to a return on their hard earned investment can look forward to a jab in the ass in return.

Let’s see, when you steal from my retirement, and put it into a general fund that pays your retirement, what would you call that?  Only in Washington D.C. would you call it legal. However, that’s Congressional entitlement.

It’s as if Bernie Madoff was administering the Social Security fund.

And not only has the program been raided, it’s been terribly mismanaged.  Social Security, as it’s been redesigned over the years, is only an Entitlement for a small portion of Social Security recipients.  All those who receive Social Security, who receive more than they might if they’d invested all those payments for all those years into a private fund, are receiving welfare, not an entitlement.  Take for example all who receive the minimum payment and who have only paid into the program for a very few years (i.e. illegal aliens or even new legal aliens) and that minimum payment received far exceeds a reasonable return on that short term investment, are receiving welfare, not an entitlement.  All the dependents of Social Security recipients, who continue to receive Social Security after the original payee has passed on, are on welfare and are not on entitlements, if those payments exceed a market return on investment.

As the program was originally designed, it should have far more funds than it needs to pay out, as you and I may have worked for forty five years and paid in, and when we reached either 62 or 65 years of age, depending upon when we elected to begin getting our “return on investment,” our true entitlement, the odds were we’d only live 8 to 11 more years, then all that investment would stay in the program…with only a small death benefit from Social Security to our heirs.  So the fund would grow as a result of the death of participants as one would pay in far more than one would ever draw out.  The fund should now be HUGE, far larger than it needs to be, with no problems facing incoming payees.  But, thanks Congress, you incompetent bunch of blood sucking pigs…and I’m putting it as politely as I know how.  Where’s our three trillion?  It should be coming back to the fund from all that fat retirement paid to every Congressman, ill gotten entitlement, who ever voted to “raid” Social Security, and they should be on welfare, which is far better than they deserve.

I have no problem with the basic concept of welfare and believe that we are our brother’s keeper.  I don’t want America to be a country which ignores those truly unable to care for themselves.  If we did, what’s the benefit of being the world’s most wealthy economy?  I do want America to be a country which embraces common sense and one which does not reward fraud and deception.  And every ghetto mama pumping out little bastards that she can give their care over to grandma so they get eighteen hundred a month per brat from the county should be routed out, along with the other frauds.  But that’s only a small part of the problem.  So let’s call that spade a spade, not entitlement but welfare, and paying out money, whether it comes from Social Security or some welfare program, if it’s not a market driven return on investment, not a true entitlement: then it’s welfare.

We reward all those Bernie Madoffs who have retired from Congress as if they did something to earn that reward, those fat retirement checks, that wonderful health program—and they did, they successfully pilfered Social Security—actually far better than Madoff did as they’re sunning on their yachts rather than sitting in a cell—as well as other programs and contributors. What an accomplishment.

We need representatives in Washington who are not self-serving cheats and thieves.

Their entitlement should be a jail cell.



L. J. Martin is the author of the conservative blog http://fromthepeapatch.com, as well as 30 fiction and non-fiction books.  He’s published in dozens of national periodicals.  Married to an NYT bestselling, internationally published author of fiction, the Martins live in Montana.  For more see www.ljmartin.com.

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  • Edward P Fischer MD:

    The Pea Patch perspective regarding ‘Entitlement’ and ‘Welfare’ and Social Security is Right On Target in my opinion. The ability of Congress to ‘ROB’ the earned contributions which Congress mandates by Law demonstrates the lack of ethical and moral character which has become the behavioral standard of our Congress which has lost it’s way in representing the Rights and Produce of We The People is clearly demonstrated by the Pea Patch’s ‘take’ on the behavior of the United States Congress AND the Executive Branch as well as the Judicial Branch. Let’s get back to, God Bless America, One Nation Under God. In God We Trust. Keep The Faith of our Founding Fathers, their Beliefs, their Values and their Principles. TTBO!!!

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