EPA…the Eradicate Profit Alternative agency, Eleminate Productive Appliances agency, and on and on and on….

Have you noticed that damn near nothing works well any longer?  In our 2nd home, built 15 years after our primary one, we have a brand new $1,500 GE dishwasher.  Don’t leave a leaf of lettuce on a plate in that washer or it will still be there when it’s finished.  It’s a total piece of dog ka ka.  When we called a service man to come and see why it didn’t clean, he said, “The EPA is why it doesn’t clean.  Water saving and clean water regulations are why it doesn’t clean.”  He said, “don’t bother spending the money to have me come out”

You can put dishes right off the table into our 15 year old dishwasher and they come out spotless.  Thanks, EPA, for destroying the functionality of everything you stick your nose into.  And thanks, by the way, for having 18,000 highly paid federal workers to make sure you continue to screw up American manufacturing concerns with unnecessary regulations.


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