How’d Harry Get Filthy (Rich)?

Please, please, don’t miss this National Review article!  Click on the link to view.

Maybe Harry didn’t get filthy rich from being a Nevada senator; just rich, he was already filthy, and just applied those tendencies when he had the position to mis-use his power.  What’s that old adage: Power corrupts.  Of course, he got rich while destroying the rest of the country along with his sweetheart-in-crime, Barney Frank. This current financial mess is the result of Barney and Harry engineering the collapse of the real estate market by pushing bad loans on financial institutions, all so they could buy votes.  All while Harry TOOK, not earned, profits from real estate ventures as an inside trader.  I wish they both had much longer terms…life in a federal pen would be about right.  While they hold hands and skip into the sunset, we all suffer.  One of these days I’ll tell you what I really think.

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