If the budget is a Mercedes you couldn’t buy a candy bar with the so-called cuts : billion.

billionA Lousy 60 Billion

If the budget is a Mercedes you couldn’t buy a candy bar with the cuts.  Sixty billion is nothing.

The New York Times, as usual, lives in la la land with the rest of the libs.  They think that a lousy 60 billion is a “cut” when the country is a trillion and a half upside down in the budget.  This is exactly the kind of twisted thinking that permeates this country.  What is it about a BALANCED BUDGET that these imbeciles don’t understand?  Sixty billion is a total disappointment to me and to all sober, intelligent Americans who can count.  It’s about $.04 out of $2,000, if that helps bring it into persepective.  IT’S NOTHING.  Wake up Republicans and Democrats, and do your job.

This is a small part of an article from the NYT:

Republicans See a Mandate on Budget Cuts, Others See Risk


Published: February 21, 2011

WASHINGTON — In Congress and in statehouses, Republican lawmakers and governors are claiming a broad mandate from last year’s elections as they embark on an aggressive campaign of cutting government spending and taking on public unions. Their agenda echoes in its ambition what President Obama and Democrats tried after winning office in their own electoral wave in 2008.

In Washington, the House approved more than $60 billion in spending cuts before dawn on Saturday that would hit virtually every area of government, setting up a showdown with Senate Democrats and the White House.

In New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie, who is embroiled in a political fight with the teachers’ union, is expected to call for drastic steps on Tuesday to close a roughly $10 billion budget gap.

And nowhere has a newly elected Republican flexed more muscle or drawn a more severe backlash than in Wisconsin, where Gov. Scott Walker is pushing to curtail collective bargaining rights for state employees. “For us, this is about balancing the budget,” Mr. Walker said on “Fox News Sunday.” “We’ve got a $3.6 billion budget deficit. We are broke. Just like nearly every other state across the country, we’re broke.”

But in the view of officials from both major political parties, Republicans may be risking the same kind of electoral backlash Democrats suffered after they were perceived as overreaching.

End of partial article

Overreaching?  Thinking that Congress did anything other than try and placate the critics is what is overreaching.  Sixty billion is nothing.

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