Is That Barney Frank Peeking Under The Edge Of My Tent?

The Individual Mandate.  Why’s It Important?

You know the old adage, the camel’s nose under the edge of the tent?  Before long, your Persian carpets are covered with camel dung.

You ask what’s different with the ObamaCare Individual Mandate from merely having to pay taxes?  Government insists on that, do they not?  Yes, they do, but there’s a precondition…you have to earn some money.  Do you have to pay Social Security?  Of course, as a portion of earnings.  To all other government interference in your life there are pre-conditions.

Not to ObamaCare and the Individual Mandate.  If you’re alive and you’re an American citizen, you’ll be expected to pay.  Of course many won’t be able to do so, or will merely refuse, and the rest of us will still pay.

Is health care for everyone a good thing?  Of course it is.  In fact, we all already pay for everyone to have health care.  Is it the care everyone would like?  Of course not.  There comes a point when a society has to make decisions.  Who is worth how much.  It’s as simple as that.  Should the rest of us have to live poorly just to keep someone we don’t know, and maybe someone who’s not taken care of themselves for the first sixty years of their life healthy?

If the Individual Mandate is passed by the Supreme Court, then the next time government wants you to pay for something with no preconditions, it won’t come before the court.  It will be law, and Congress can force that payment upon you, and later the Department of Labor or Transportation or Agriculture.  And hasn’t Congress done such a good job to date!  Congress hasn’t respected the most simple laws of man…i.e. don’t spend more than you make.  They’ve stolen your Social Security, broken the country, etc., etc.

If the government can force each of us to pay for something for which there’s no precondition of the benefits of being American, what’s next?  Each of us has to have a Chevy Volt?  That’s okay, because in their Congressional wisdom the government will pay the first $7,500 of the cost of the Volt…oops, we keep forgetting, we is the government.  And it will go on and on, Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank and Harry Reid will have their ugly noses under the edge of our individual tents, and they won’t stop until we’re all living chin high in dung.  How did the four bedrooms and two and a half bath for everyone thing work out for you?

Government does nothing well, haven’t they proven that to your satisfaction as of yet?

We are one Supreme Court justice away from a new path to the total destruction of the country.

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