Jerks in Designer Jeans…


Judge Napolitano Says It Like It IS!


Jerks in Designer Jeans!

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I find it fascinating that lots of hippies (most in designer jeans talking on iPhones) and those who relish being on unemployment (many in designer jeans talking on iPhones) decide to congregate on Wall Street and protest the banks, financial institutions, and brokerage houses.

I think the classic comment came from one of them who was interviewed by a reporter was: “I quit my job to come here and protest.”

While another writes on the sidewalk with chalk, “Build smart bombs or smart kids.”  How can you disagree with that concept?  Wouldn’t all of us prefer to build smart kids with our tax dollars?  However, not if we’re building smart kids only to have them work for the Muslim world after the Muslim world takes over the United States.  I guess we should have directed the country’s wealth during WWII to education rather than planes and tanks and ships.  Somehow those protesting on Wall Street don’t seem to connect the financial strength of America with their personal wellbeing.  And no, I don’t mean their personal wealth, I mean their well being, their very right to exist.

As I’ve said often, I wouldn’t put one boot of an American young person in harms way in Iraq or Afghanistan.  The use of drones and smart bombs, and intelligence, is the perfect way to fight an enemy who hides among his women and children, and if his women and children are casualties it’s his fault for hiding there.  If we put boots on the ground, it’s our children who suffer.

The real full circle about the blame for the current American financial fiasco falls directly upon the shoulders of those same “I quit my job to protest” types who are carrying signs rather than working.  They are the ones who received all those bad loans that caused the banks to reassess their lending policies, after being forced to comply with Washington D. C. dictates.  When Bill Clinton decided that everyone in this country was entitled to four bedrooms and two and a half baths, and forced the financial community to change their lending policies and write BAD loans, the writing was on the wall, and Wall Street merely did what they always do (and what made this country great, by the way) and that’s react to the marketplace by figuring ways to make money out of the politician’s ineptitude.

Then, of course, Clinton was followed up by Barney Frank and Harry Reid and others anxious and eager to jump on the bandwagon and buy votes with those very financially fraudulent loans…loans that proved to be against every sound financial principal.  And now, here we are, with a glut of houses, with that classic symbol of American wealth and family financial independence, home equity, gone down the drain with pride and employment.

Get back to work, America.  Waving signs is not creating wealth, financial independence, or, oh yes, well being.

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