Ka Ka Into Ice Cream?

How much “spin” can we stand before we get so dizzy we upchuck? Now they’re arguing in the press, and in Washington D.C. about who should get credit for the wonderful deal cut to “save the country.” I hope you are not damn foolish enough to buy the b.s. flowing out of the b.s. capitol of the earth. Yes, it rolls downhill, and yes they want us to buy into it.

I was told once by a very smart guy that you can make ka ka out of ice cream but you can’t make ice cream out of ka ka (I edited that a bit). And the president and our congressional leaders want us to believe they have. When all you do is lower the amount of the deficit by 3.8% that’s like telling you that you’re just a little bit pregnant, or that they’re killing you, but are going to do it nicely.

How stupid do they think we are…or maybe a better question is, how stupid are we?

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