Liberals go on a hunger strike!

The liberals are fasting in protest against the “immoral” budget “cuts” that came out of the recent agreement between congressional leaders and the president. It seems to me that this demonstrates the imbecilic approach to life that continually flows out of the liberal camp. The letter below and the video come from the George Soro’s backed MoveOn, which should be called MoveOver and let me have what you’ve worked hard to earn. Soro’s is working hard to destroy the economy of the United States, while takin advantage of every tax loophole and government giveaway program to continue to build his own fortune. All the time while calling others in the country immoral. First, how can you call a slight diminishing of the increase a cut…now that’s liberal thinking at it’s best (worst), and how can you call an attempt to live within your means (however slight) immoral. What’s truly immoral is continuing to pass your burden on to your children and grandchildren, to continue to ignore your responsibility. The video shows lots of folks holding up plates that have been written upon. It’s meant to illicit your sympathy for the empty plates of folks who “choose” to go hungry. It’s not even good theater. But don’t take my word for it, read the letter and watch the video yourself:

Dear MoveOn member,

So far, more than 30,000 people are participating in a rolling fast to protest the immoral budget cuts Republicans are pushing in Washington. We never imagined this would spread so far, so quickly. In fact, 28 progressive members of Congress have now joined in.
With some help from Grammy-nominated recording artist Moby, we’ve put together a short, powerful video about this fast. Please check it out and then help spread the message by passing it on:

Watch the video

This is about sending the message that balancing the budget on the back of the most vulnerable is simply immoral—and the need for that message has never been greater.
Last week’s budget agreement—now public—contains cuts to critical programs but does little to make corporations and the rich pay their fair share.1
More than half of the $38 billion in cuts target education, labor, and health programs.2
The worst cuts and riders didn’t make it into the budget—but that was the Republican plan all along: propose the unthinkable, threaten to shut down the government, and then walk away with cuts that would have been beyond the pale just a few months ago.
Now Republicans are pushing a new round of proposals to abolish Medicare and make far deeper cuts to education, nutrition, health care, and other essential programs—while giving even bigger tax breaks to millionaires and corporations. And this time, after winning so much in the last round, the Republicans actually have a shot at getting every last cut they want.
We need to restore a moral dimension to the warped debate going on in Washington. Sharing this video is a simple way to start.
Thanks for all you do.
–Daniel, Michael, Tate, Sarah, and the rest of the team

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