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God Bless America

I would never ask you to sign a petition that might put something like a cookie on your computer.  This petition utilizes, and will PUT nothing on your computer, no cookies, no tracking, NOTHING.  If you believe, as we do, that Congress has overstepped their bounds, that they should be one of WE THE PEOPLE and not the privileged aristocrats they’ve become, then sign this petition.  No, it has no authority other than saying to Congress “We know who you are, we know what you’ve become, we want real CHANGE.  We want you to come back to earth and rejoin WE THE PEOPLE.”  We need lots of sigs to get their attention.  Sign this safe petition, and feel safe about passing it on to others who want to get our country back. Sign, for the good of yourself, your children, your grandchildren…and theirs.

NO ARISTOCRATS IN AMERICA petition: (read more)

No raises for Congress while America stands in unemployment lines.

No fat retirement for Congress paid for by the American people.

No “free” healthcare for Congress.

No bribes by lobbyists and others.

No voting on unread bills.

No profiteering by inside information.

Go to the link on the left and sign the petition NO ARISTOCRATS IN AMERICA

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