Obama & Congress, Addicts….

addictsAddicts, no longer merely habit — Congress and Obama on the money needle.

They’re like drug addicts, they just can’t stay away from any stash, and the pile of dough in the “health care law” is like a kilo of cocaine spread out on the coffee table in front of them.

President Obama’s $1 trillion health care law is that pile of dope…a pile of ready dough for lawmakers seeking to steal funds for other projects.  Congress last week pilfered the health care piggy bank for the third time in the past year.

Congress, the addicts, cut a large slice from the Democrats’ “so called” domestic achievement to find $11 billion to cover the cost of negating a withholding tax that would have hit government contractors in the coming year.  Obama, the head addict, signed that bill into law on Monday.  Do you think this addict knows how unsuccessful his health care plan will be?  He’s already tapping into it for other Democratic causes, which can only result in leaving those in need out on the street wondering where the money’s gone.

The withholding is not the only affront by the addicts.  Two more attacks reworked the health care law to abscond with money for other “priorities.”  A late year bill pilfered dough for higher payments for doctors who treat Medicare patients (maybe actually better than most health care provisions), and early year legislation repealed a red tape provision in the original health care law that businesses said would be time consuming, thus costly.  So maybe Congress and the Administration are actually now reading the bill, and trying to make adjustments—the addicts were too busy setting the fund up for pilfering to actually read it.  addicts don’t take time for details.

The Democrats, head addicts, have already managed to steal $50 billion earmarked to pay for programs in the health care debacle in future years to fund “more-immediate” spending needs.  They are the men and women with the golden arms.

They just can’t seem to keep their sticky fingers out of the cookie jar.  I’m sick of the addicts habit.

The only way to cure this addiction is to throw them out of office.  No more addicts.

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