Oh, Boy…We’re Dying More Slowly!

Cool!  We’re Dying Slightly More Slowly…But Still Dying.

by L. J. Martin http://fromthepeapatch.com

Okay, I guess only taking three bullets to the chest is better than taking four?  So, is that good news?  We ONLY had 366,000 applications for unemployment filed last WEEK, the lowest number since the whole country flopped (thanks Barney Frank and Harry Reid) in 2008, and we’re supposed to believe that’s good news?  The great negotiation to keep government moving is almost complete and we’re only going a little less deeper in debt than we were this time last year (that’s more debt to the already existing 15 trillion, but less of an increase)…and that’s good news?

Our government is Jabba the Hut, and we’ve got to give a large part of the fat bastard the death ray as God knows it (that’s we) can thrive without more than half its current agencies and employees, and the country will be better therefore.  WHERE ARE THE CUTS?

What we got was a one trillion dollar spending bill and these great concessions:  The Republicans agreed that they wouldn’t block Obama’s liberalized rules on folks who visit or send money to relatives in Cuba and the Democrats gave up a provision wherein Obama and the plutocrats who claim to be Spartans would force us all to use energy efficient (and totally worthless) light bulbs.  Hooray, the country goes down the drain, but can do so while continuing to be lit by incandescent light bulbs.  Why do I feel like I’m watching an old fat boy version of Alice in Wonderland, and all the players are members of Congress?

And the country did not come to a halt as a result of no agreement on the budget bill…the Democraps and Repukeykins came to an agreement.  They made a few changes in the one trillion dollar spending bill.  I didn’t hear anything about cutting costs in the largest employer in the nation, the Department of Labor, nor in the Department of Transportation who’s brilliant idea of causing every state, county, and city to change their street signs from all upper case to upper and lower case at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars was typical of the corpulent clubs of idiots that our government agencies have become.  And we’re still slathering out foreign aid and paying half the world’s way in the United Nations.  And on and on and on….  Our country has come to the state where lesser bad news is considered good news, and I’m not sure our continuing to spend far more than we earn is even lesser bad news, but is in fact like being told your cancer is in every organ of your body, but your little toe is cancer free.  What a joy.

Where is the legislation to:

Ban earmarks?

Throw out the tax code and replace with a sensible one?

Reduce Congressional salaries, perks, and office budgets?

Reduce the number of government agencies & departments and the numbers of employees in those we must keep?

Repeal Obama care?

Give tax incentives to return foreign jobs to the U.S.?

Make English our national language?

Limit liability lawsuits and force plaintiffs to pay their own legal fees and those of the defense if they lose?

Limit Social Security to only return to those who’ve paid in (true entitlement)?

Control our borders and institute a “worker program” that works, and tracks, foreign nationals?

And I could go on with this until the list is as long as our ridiculous tax code.

The office of the budget says we’ll be 99.5 trillion in debt in 25 years if the current trends continue.  Has anyone noticed?

How long do we allow those in government to keep their foot on the throttle when the edge of the cliff is just ahead?  Of course the vehicle of government is wallowing so deeply in the mire of mismanagement that it will likely bog down and die of breathing it’s own exhaust long before it can die from a respectable suicide.

We continue to fiddle while Rome burns.


L. J. Martin writes the conservative blog http://fromthepeapatch.com and is the author of 30 fiction and non-fiction book length works.  He’s published in dozens of national periodicals.  The Martin’s live in Montana.  See more at www.ljmartin.com.

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