Pelosi and shirking your responsibility….

Pelosi, so proud of cowards running from responsibility


Nancy Pelosi is crowing with pride about the Democrats who are running from their responsibility in Wisconsin.

Pelosi says she’s “very proud” of those who left the state to avoid voting.  She’s proud of liberal cowardice?  I’m not surprised.  She’s proud of liberals running from their obligations?  I’m not surprised.  She’s proud of liberals not doing the job they were elected to do?  I’m not in the least bit surprised.  She’s true to form, having helped destroy the country with her liberal clap-trap, and misplaced pride.  Can’t you just see Nancy, Harry Reid, and Barney Frank in a pile slathering on the mazola oil of Democratic disdain for the Constitution, for responsibility, for self-reliance.  Pelosi ranks way up there among the worst things to ever happen to America.  And she’s proving it again with her support of cowards running from responsibility.

When are we going to wake up America, and stop sending blithering idiots like Nancy Pelosi to Congress?

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