Pelosi Return? What’s Obama Smoking?

President Obama this week predicted that Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will return to congress as House Speaker.

That’s probably the most repugnant thought that’s crossed my mind in since she was voted out…I had great hopes she’d head for American Samoa where she and her husband kept Samoan’s from making minimum wage because it would impact the profits from Sunkist Tuna, in which they hold a huge stake.  But that’s not hypocritic for a Democrat is it?  But Pelosi, like so many other libs, are only “democratic” with other people’s money.

Do Democrats really think they should be put back in control of the House?  Shall we put the fox in control of the henhouse?  Or the skunk?  How much egg-sucking can the nation stand?

Obama has been the worst spender in not only the history of the U.S. but of the world.  And that was with the support of a Democratic house and senate, with Pelosi blabbering along kissing his…feet.

And although I questioned all else about Obama, I didn’t question his sanity until he uttered the words, “Pelosi will return.”

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