Stealing from WE THE PEOPLE must end. Sign the petition!


Pick up your pen, before we have to pick up our pitchforks!

Isn’t it strange that every person elected to the House or Senate comes back from Washington a rich, rich person?  It’s time we put an end to Congress being the ultimate pork barrel for politicians.  Stealing from WE THE PEOPLE must end.

I’ve created a petition on a website particularly built for that purpose.  Signing this petition adds no cookies or other sneaky tricks to your computer, you may do so with comfort.  Your email address will not be added to any lists.  This petition is entitled NO MORE ARISTOCRACY IN CONGRESS, and calls for Congress to do a number of things…bringing them back to the level of the rest of Americans.  The text of the petition is below.  Please go to the site and sign this, and please send it on to your list.  It’s time Congress gets their chain jerked, and it’s time we all drop them in the mud if they don’t do what’s right.  It’s time WE THE PEOPLE stood up and got heard.

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As many of you know I had almost two million unique hits on my blog  My goal is a million signatures on this petition, and I need your help.  Nothing less will get the attention of Congress.

The petition:


I just signed the following petition addressed to: The United States Congress.

A Cease and Desist Petition to the American HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES and SENATE:

The United States Congress has become an Aristocracy. It’s time Congress realized that in order to properly represent WE THE PEOPLE they must realize that they are one of us, and not an elite group entitled to anything to which other American’s are not entitled, other than to vote on behalf of WE THE PEOPLE.

This petition calls for Congress to repeal all Congressional pay raises, perks, and allocations for office expense, and return them to the level of 2006, when the job they were doing resulted in the collapse of the American economy; and for no pay raises, including perks, to be increased beyond the rate of inflation, or 3%, which ever is less. Stealing from WE THE PEOPLE must end.

This petition calls for every member of congress to either provide his own retirement, at his own cost, or be subject only to Social Security, in the same formula as all other Americans. Stealing from WE THE PEOPLE must end.

This petition calls for no Congressman to be entitled to any form of health insurance other than that paid for out of his own pocket, other than that available to every American. Stealing from WE THE PEOPLE must end.

This petition calls for the outlawing of all perks or remuneration of any kind, provided congress by lobbyists, or any party seeking or not seeking the help or support, or particularly the vote, of a congressman. Stealing from WE THE PEOPLE must end.

This petition calls for a sworn affidavit, on penalty of perjury, that any bill voted upon by a Congressman has been read, and is understood, by that Congressman. Stealing from WE THE PEOPLE must end.

This petition calls for the outlining, in writing and by public announcement, of the benefit any individual Congressman, at the time of passing or in the future, may receive, from any legislation passed by Congress. Said potential benefit must be read into the Congressional Report, and published as a legal notice in the Congressman’s home district, in the primary newspaper in that district, and must be readily available to read on the Congressman’s webpage. For example, if the Congressman has an interest in real estate that may be effected by the funding of a freeway, etc., etc., then it must be made public knowledge at least 15 days prior to that legislation being voted upon. Stealing from WE THE PEOPLE must end.

This petition calls for the absolute end of insider trading and profiting from any way by information gleaned in the function of your jobs as Congressmen or from any source while functioning in the public trust. Stealing from WE THE PEOPLE must end.

Congressmen, you know who you are; you know what you’ve become; it’s time to again become one of WE THE PEOPLE.


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