The Crime: Foreclosure…. The Perps: Clinton, Reid, Frank, Et Ux

Wanted for crimes against America:

Clinton, Reid, Frank…

The news this morning announced that 28% of all home real estate sales in our area were foreclosures.  This term “foreclosure” sounds fine if you say it fast, but the fact is it’s a devestating drawn-out, stressful, debilitating load on a family who’s waiting for that knock on the door, that gentleman in uniform, wearing a brass badge, who says you must be out of this house (your home), in 24 hours.

There is one interesting switch on this terribly sad story, and that’s that things are so bad across the country that many are being left in their foreclosed home if they are maintaining it.  Lenders, and even foreclosure buyers, are not insisting the ex-homeowner vacate, as the home would deteriorate if left empty, and there are just not enough renters out there to fill all those vacant homes.  If you’re doing a good job maintaining the home, you may be able to stay.  What a sad commentary on our times.  You were duped into signing up for a bad loan, after all, the increase in home prices would take care of the problem; or you lost your job due to the destroyed economy which was due to the bad lending policy forced on the nation’s lending industry by Clinton’s policy and those in congress who wanted to buy votes by showing what wonderful guys and gals they were.  Clinton, big smile, friendly pat on the back, while he’s trying to shove your face between his legs…and more than half the country figuratively satisfies his carnal urges by voting for him.  What the hell’s the matter with us?

And how soon we forget.  Clinton is still paid $100,000 to give speeches, Harry Reid and Barney Frank and all the rest the perps who shoved lax credit standards down the throat of America’s lenders are still in office, and we still sit back and allow them to continue to ruin the country.  Ho hum, let’s continue to fiddle while the country burns, and congress pours 5$ gas on the fire.

Wake up America, and get some responsible folks in office before it’s way, way too late.

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