The High Cost of Making Money…

Let’s see, is government spending, are government salaries, out of control.

In a report requested by Senator Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma) it was concluded by the Congressional Research Service that 77,057 federal workers made more than the governor of their states.  Remember that public sector salaries increased 38% over the last ten years while private sector salaries increased only 10%…and that was a statistic from two years ago.  I’d wager it’s worse now, as more and more private sector employees are unemployed.

Finally, finally, finally, someone in government is suggesting that government employees are making far too much.  Do you think this could possibly lead to a cut in the cost of government?  Wouldn’t that be something to see…government actually trying to cut costs to balance the budget rather than raising taxes when America already has the highest corporate income tax on earth, and no one has actually calculated the true cost of income tax to high earners.

To give an example, my wife and I remodeled a house and thought we were going to enjoy some tax relief as we installed energy efficient windows at over $20,000 cost.  We were supposed to get some $8,000 in tax relief.  Guess what, due to our income, we got $200.00.  Had we only made $80,000 a year, we’d have gotten the full boat.  Do you think that $7,800 “we didn’t receive” as tax relief was calculated in our “tax rate?”  No, it’s merely money that disappears if you work hard and make more than that magical $250,000 a year filing jointly which, according to the Obamites, makes you rich.  It is, however, more money that you have to pay Uncle Sam because you make more money. Not only does your tax rate go up, the amount you can deduct goes down.  You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Herman Cain, who is a presidential candidate, suggests a sales tax as federal income tax, and I totally agree.  Do away with the five foot thick tax code.  Those who make more obviously spend more, so they’ll pay more.  A fair system of taxation…but when did fair ever enter the consideration of congress, and particularly of the liberal side of the aisle?

About 77,000 federal employees across the United States — including attorneys, air traffic controllers, medical personnel and information technology specialists—had higher salaries in 2009 than the governors of the states they worked in, a new report shows.

The data from the Congressional Research Service could add fuel to a debate on Capitol Hill about whether the salaries and benefits of federal workers are too high compared with their counterparts in the private sector. The report was first reported by the Washington Times.

The information was requested by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), who has argued that federal workers should be paid less as the government seeks ways to rein in its growing deficit.

The research service reviewed civilian salary data in the executive branch provided by the Office of Personnel Management for 2009, the last year available. Of the 77,057 federal workers who earn more than the governors of their states, 18,351 were physicians, the highest percentage. Air-traffic controllers came in second at 5,170. The government has about 14,6 million employees.

The Department of Labor alone has more employees than the two largest private sector companies, McDonald’s and WalMart.

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