The (so-called) Super Committee

The (so-called) Super Committee

by L. J. Martin

Ladies and gentlemen, We The People, it’s time to fall on our knees and pray for the country.

Here they are, Obama’s super committee, who are going to save the country with proposed budget cuts.  Study this list and see if you begin to see a trend:

Patty Murray (D):  U. S. Senator from the State of Washington, former preschool teacher who also taught a “parenting” class at a community college.

Max Baucus (D):  U. S. Senator from Montana, professional politician since 1973.  Worked as an attorney for the SEC and in private law practice.

John Kerry (D): U. S. Senator from Massachusetts.  Attorney.  Lifelong politician.

James Clyburn (D): Representative from South Carolina.  A teacher and fundamentalist minister.

Xavier Becerra (D):  Representative from California.  Attorney, professional politician.

Christopher Van Hollen (D):  Representative from Maryland.  Professional politician.  Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and Masters from Harvard in Public Policy.

Jeb Hensarling (R): Representative from Texas.  Former businessman, V.P. of two companies before becoming an owner of San Jacinto Ventures.

Dave Camp (R): Representative from Michigan. Attorney.  Professional politician.

Fred Upton (R): Representative from Michigan.  B.A. in Journalism.  Professional politician.

John Kyl (R): Senator from Arizona.  Attorney, teacher, editor, professional politician.

Pat Toomey (R): Senator from Pennsylvania.  Banker.  Restaurateur.  Politician since 1994.

Rob Portman (R): Senator from Ohio.  Attorney.

Let’s see.  Ummmmmm.  The super committee: three teachers, one of whom is also a minister; seven professional politicians; two with slight business experience; six attorneys.  Where’s a guy (other than Jeb Hensarling and possibly Pat Toomey) who’s even run a hot dog stand in the private sector?

Who said that appointees to this super critical job have to be professional politicians?  After all, wasn’t it the politicians who got us up to our nostrils in ka ka in the first place?

Why didn’t our president, a former attorney, go to the private sector for professionals in jobs other than sitting in Congress playing solitaire on their computers?  Or sitting in their office placating the home front by tacking two hundred million dollar worth of riders on bills, ripping off the rest of the country?  A super committee made up of professional politicians, teachers, and attorneys?  Come on…

Where are the businessmen who understand budgets?  Where, even, are the politicians who’ve actually run a state, such as Indiana’s Mitch Daniels, who entered office fresh out of business when his state was broke and turned it into one of the most economically successful and business-attractive states in the nation?  And I’m not being politically biased here.  Where’s Governor Brian Schweitzer, who’s state has a surplus?  Where’s Rick Perry, whose state has a surplus of eleven billion dollars?  Now those three would be super on the committee.

Patty Murray, by the way, ranked No. 8 in Congress in earmarks in 2010 with $219,000,000 tacked onto bills.  Now there’s a lady who knows how to budget.  Why wouldn’t she?  She got her background as a primary school teacher and Patty knows crepe paper and paste.  And all those attorneys?  Most had experience in large law firms where they may have had to turn in a balanced expense account.  Now that’s real budget experience.  And of course the professional politicians on the committee have great budget experience, having to keep track of donations…much harder than having to actually budget a company and try to make a profit.  And, of course, not to be overlooked, there’s the minister who had to count the quarters dropped in those offering plates.  Do you see the pattern here?  Maybe the super committee is not so super?

Appointing teachers, professional politicians, and attorneys to analyze and supposedly cut the world’s largest budget is typical of the leadership we’ve experienced from the attorney who holds the top job in the country…who, by the way, never held a job that required him to budget, and certainly not to make a profit, other than the attorneys major bug-a-boo…trying to figure out how to bill an hour for a ten minute phone call.

God help the super committee (maybe he’s already been called upon, after all one member is a minister).

God help us.








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