They’re Not Stealing Your SS…They’re Merely Converting It.

Let’s see, they can reduce Social Security, but all we old guys would start sharpening our pitchforks…seems to me that’s our money we paid in and they stole. Or they can merely steal from each of us to pay the health care of a lot of folks who never paid in a dime. That’s the path they’ve chosen. Under the Obamites health care bill your premium is creeping up, from $96.40 in 2009, to $104.20 in 2010, to $120.20 this year, and to $247.00 in 2014…and that of course is without giving SS recipients a cost of living increase in those years.

They don’t have to eliminate SS, all they have to do is convert it to pay for the health care of all those who have never paid in…Barack Hussein Obama voters.

Oh, and by the way, at the same time Congress also gave themselves a $3,000 a month Cost of Living Adjustment!

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