Under any definition of the word insanity, you and I and government are guilty.


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

The definition of government insanity is hiring more than one to do the same job, the job one can do.  And in many cases our government has 40 more than 1.  Insanity, you bet it is.

Insanity, your name is government.  Where has the concept of fiscal responsibility gone.  where has the concept of “budget” gone, of spending what you have as income but no more, but even worse than that, of not wasting, wasting, wasting.  Government has become a slimy amoeba, growing for the sake of growth, seeming content to waste and grow for absolutely no reason.  And it’s broken, bankrupted, the country.  Following on the heels of the great Barney Frank/Harry Reid vote buying giveways, and the destruction of our prestige the world over, we don’t need to be seen as wastrels, as spendthrifts, and how could we not be when we have 40 or more government agencies doing the same job? Insanity.

What a surprise, a recent government report makes Congress look like jackasses, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news folks, but you elected them and you and I tolerated their wanton ways for the last 40 years, so what do you think that makes you and I?  Insanity, do the same thing over and over….

So, how much is enough?  How much egg do you want on your face?  How many times do you want to be reamed by your government before you wipe the stupid grin off your faces and get up on your hind legs and say enough is enough?  I know most of you can add, so why do we put up with a Congress who obviously cannot?  It’s insanity for us to continue to allow Congress to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. Insanity.

And our current Congress crows over cutting a lousy pittance out of the budge, and is too chicken hearted to cut ONE government job along with it.  As I’ve said before, if my budget was $2,000 a month and I cut the same percentage as did congress, I’d have cut $.04, not enough to buy a stick of gum.  Where’s some fiscal courage?  It sure as hell doesn’t reside in Congress.  Read the FOX news report below and you’ll come to the conclusion that anyone with an ounce of chicken guts could cut a half trillion from out shortfall in a heartbeat, had they an ounce of courage.  The recent government study proves the fact.  A fact I hope you’ll harp on over and over to your congressman and senators and the administration, those chicken hearts who live in the white castles on either end of Pennsylvania Avenue.  Insanity, your name is Congress.

This gleaned from a FOX news article;

From a recent report from t;he Government Accountability Office:  82 programs across 10 separate government agencies endeavor to improve teacher quality.  47 job training programs are offered by federal agencies, 44 of which overlap.  And on and on and on.  Insanity.

Is it any surprise we’re broke, bankrupt, with the unfettered growth of government over the last 40 years, with growth for growth’s sake, not for necessity or need, unless you consider the need of government employees to have a repetitive and redundant  job that hundreds or thousands of others are doing equally badly.  With the government sector not only growing geometrically in size, but with government wages increasing 38% while private sector wages increased only 10% over the past ten years.  Do we really need government agencies with more employees than either of the private sector’s largest employers: WalMart and McDonalds.  Trust me, those two companies don’t have two employees serving one customer when one can do the job.  The profit motive is and always has been the best arbiter of thrift and efficiency, and when the Administration has a cabinet with fewer private business people than ANY before it, only 8%, then you might understand how government might get out of hand.  Even the president has never held a job where profit was a consideration, unless you count being the bottom of the ladder in a law office with accountants and managers and business people handling the affairs of business.  Insanity.

Our government needs to operate just as does private business.  One employee for one job, not forty.  Otherwise, it’s insanity.

The report confirms what most Americans are beginning to assume about their government.  We are spending trillions of dollars and nobody knows where it goes or what they are doing, so long as their check is at the end of the month and their retirement is at the end of their 20 years.  The report also shows, proves, that we could save taxpayers billions and billions of dollars by employing an iota of common sense.  And do so without cutting services.  It’s insanity not to use common sense, and cut.

Among other ludricous examples it discovered:

56 programs dealing with financial literacy.  Insanity.

2,100 data centers that could be consolidated, saving up to $200 billion a year.  (that one item is 3.2 times what Congress cut from the whole budget) Insanity.

20 programs dealing with homelessness.  2.9 billion spent on those programs in 2009. Insanity.

82 teacher-quality programs, many with duplicate goals. Insanity.

15 agencies administrating 30 food related laws. Insanity.

80 economic development programs (boy, they’ve been doing a great job)  Insanity.

Many of the agencies had trouble actually defining what they did.  62.5 billion was spent on domestic food assistance initiatives, 18 such programs administrated by the Dept. of Ag, the Dept. of Homeland Security, and the Dept. of Health and Human Services. Insanity.

But the good news is there are 47 job training programs, most of them, I’m sure, training more government employees how to cling to the government tit. Insanity.

The lengthy GAO report was mandated by Congress the last time it raised the debt limit in January 2010.  The report makes lawmakers look like “jackasses.”  Now, that’s not insane.  Finally, some common sense.

And we let the insanity roll on.

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