Want ten bucks, vote for Harry!

As I said in the last post, voter fraud is among the most heinous crimes against democracy.  It poisons the very marrow of democracy’s bones, it undermines the foundation of all we rely upon to keep our country honest and the go-to country in the world.  When one is given probation for voter fraud, it’s like being slapped on the hand for murdering a way of life.

18 former Acorn employees were found guilty of voter fraud in Las Vegas, some received a few months prison time, but most probation.  They still face charges of “compensation for registration.”  Otherwise, they paid people to come and vote for their particular candidate…aren’t you proud, Harry Reid?  You and yours bought your way back into office, so now you can push The Dream Act and try to by more votes.  Oh, were there a rail to ride you out upon.

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