We The People? Congress Thinks We’re Poople….

Are We The People ever going to stand up again and demand some common sense come to government…our government…our elected representatives?

Are we ever going to demand that the aristocracy that congress has become do something besides sit on their fat butts and jaw with each other, while we remain unemployed? And they think they can continue to buy our votes with our own money. We sat back and watched as they’ve passed laws that exclude them from crimes, insider trading, that would cause We The People to end up in the clink…if that’s not a belief that “we are better than you” then what is? Congress has a special form of health care, of retirement, and now of exclusion from criminal acts. When are we going to put a stop to it?

Now that 60 minutes has forced them out into the light, they suddenly propose legislation to “stop insider trading.” Where were their morals and ethics when they thought they were under the radar?

How long are we going to let them stuff crap down our throats and tell us it’s candy?

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