Who Really Pays For Excessive Government?

The top-earning 1% of Americans, those 1.4 million making over $380,000 a year (that’s less than 1/2% of Americans), paid 38 percent of federal personal income taxes while Americans in the lower half, 70 million taxpayers, paid 2.7 percent of the total. Yet Obama continues to harp on the unfairness of the millionaires when it comes to taxes. Again, he looks the American public right in the eye of the t.v. camera and lies, lies, lies. The fact is the upper half of taxpayers pay for almost ALL of government. Every time he starts that crap half of America should get on their feet and yell LIE.

And those top payers change from year to year. Who pays the most this year, probably won’t be the same folks who pay next year. IRS reports that the top 400 earners over the last 15 years change continually, and only 12% appeared twice.

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