Why work, when you can breed yourself to prosperity?

Why work, when you can breed to prosperity?

A welfare mama makes a career out of having babies, and gets $17,500 a year for each one.  Four kids, $70,000 a year.  She spends her time watching the soaps, in her air conditioned living room popping bonbons in her fat mouth, and a few minutes each afternoon or evening trying to get pregnant again.  After all, another brat is worth $17,500 a year.  And she’s teaching her kids, by example, to do the same.  Not bad, if you’re devoid of pride and self-reliance.

A farmhand works all his life, driving tractor, working from dawn to dark, rain or roasting sun, frying or freezing, on whatever jobs need doing, and retires to $1,700 a month from Social Security, which he’s paid into all his working life. That’s $20,400 a year—far less than a subsistence level in this country.  He spends his day planting a garden because he’ll need it to eat, and doing odd jobs to pick up a few bucks.

And congress, in their mad haste to cut the cost of government, wants to go after the retired farm hand.

Is there something wrong with that picture?

Where’s the common sense?

6 Responses to “Why work, when you can breed yourself to prosperity?”

  • edilicious:

    It’s ironic how those people would just receive a little after all those years of hard work. Sometimes I don’t understand the government.

  • Janine:

    She must be so desperate. But I admire her for being so practical and brave. It’s not that easy as you can see. Being a mother is not just a game to play, it’s a big role to do, a big challenge to face.

  • Kylie Green:

    For me, that would be better than being a prostitute. Well, I don’t know for you but for me, it is. If only I’ll be giving the chance, I think I’ll do the same thing.

  • James:

    I can’t believe why government doesn’t appreciate how hard working their countrymen is. They must be paid back for every sweat they’ve got.

  • Cassandra:

    It’s really hilarious how nautical the government is going. I don’t think it is totally unfair, it’s just that it needs some sort of balance. Now I feel a lot of concern towards farmhands.

  • Rick:

    Good question at the beginning and all of us surely would want that.
    I think we really need to know more and be more active about what our government is doing because its obviously that they are getting money from the poor people who works a hundred times compared to them.

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