Wise up…. Iraq just slapped you in the face!

Do we need these kinds of friends?

OPEC just voted to keep production levels where they are, thus keeping the price of oil very, very high, currently $102.00 a barrel.  Had they increased production as Saudi requested, the price target being $82.00, it would have been beneficial to the U.S.A.  Saudi, in this instance, was our friend.

Guess who voted against the increase in production.  Iraq.  Why, after our spending billions and billions, and giving thousands of American lives, should Iraq attempt to be of service to America in even that small way?  After all, they are Muslims and we’re stupid, stupid, stupid infidels.  They, in their opinion, owe no allegiance to infidels.  Screw the U.S., piss on the graves of all those young Americans who gave their all to free Iraq.  Who gives a damn if all those American boys and girls with devastating injuries, yet who might be able to still drive a car, can’t because of the cost of gasoline?

And did you hear any comment from the American press, any outrage from Congress, any condemnation from the president?

When are we gonna wise up?  We were damn fools for not taking repayment of our war costs from their oilfields…so they already were convinced we are damn fools, and we continue to prove it.

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