Wish He Was In Wisconsin. Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is… : recall.

Recall elections may be the solution

Every once in a while a caring individual comes along who has the money to back up his anger with waste in government, and lies by politicians.  It appears that this guy, Norman, is just that guy.

This from Townhall.com:

By Cal Thomas

Norman Braman is not your typical billionaire car dealer. Nor is he your typical establishment Republican, who too often puts party above principle. Norman Braman is the type of person who strikes fear into the hearts of every professional politician who thinks he can say one thing to get elected and then do the opposite once in office.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, Braman led a successful drive to recall Republican mayor Carlos Alvarez of Miami-Dade, Fla., and Commissioner Natacha Seijas. Their offenses? In a telephone conversation, Braman tells me there were many, including, he says, “sloppy bookkeeping, fraud, and the mayor’s decision to use tax dollars to build a sports stadium for the local baseball team” when fiscal challenges for the city and high unemployment were harming the local economy.

Braman filed a lawsuit in hopes of stopping construction of the stadium. He lost. The final straw, he tells me, was when Alvarez and Seijas backed an increase in salaries for public employee union members and a property tax increase to help pay for it. Braman says he was enraged because seniors were not getting a cost of living increase and the jobless numbers were growing.

Braman launched a website (www.recallmayorAlvarez.org) and the campaign was on. That a prominent Miami businessman who had voted for Alvarez (Seijas represented another county) would be able to attract Hispanics and African-Americans, angry whites as well as Democrats, Republicans and independents of various hues is the ultimate in coalition politics. According to a recent story in the Miami Herald entitled “Will Voter Revolt Bring Real Change at Miami-Dade County Hall?” “Eighty-eight percent voted to oust Alvarez and Seijas in the biggest recall of a local politician in U.S. history.”

Go to townhall.com for the rest of this excellent article.

If they lie, if they steal, if they merely don’t do what they say they’ll do (hear me President Obama) then recall.

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