Your Gas Money Goes Here….

This flight costs about $600 from Bankok to Hong Kong, about 3 hours.  The Arabs can afford it because your government regulates you into total submission, while a Volks gets 70 mpg in Europe, it gets half that here.  See this video: 78.5 mpg Volks We bought a Mercedes in Germany that would not qualify for California EPA standards (they couldn’t sell them in Calif.) and it got 37 miles per gallon.  A California Mercedes gets about 20.  We’re making the Arabs rich.  And the networks are all raving about the fact that a barrel of oil dropped below $100…just so Obama looks good.  Remember when Bush left office, the price of oil was $45 a barrel, but he was the terrible capitalist who took care of the oil companies.  How stupid do the networks and the administration think we are.  Damned stupid.

We keep making them rich! Flying in Arab style. (video)

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