If it’s a game, let’s bring our boys home to play.

No question we should take orders from the Afghan government is there?  Catch them today, let them go tomorrow so they can kill us.  Maybe the policy should be “take no prisoners?”

From the Patriot Update:

Catch-and-release of Taliban fighters angers troops; More than 500 let go….

More than 500 suspected Taliban fighters detained by U.S. forces have been released from custody at the urging of Afghan government officials, angering both American troops and some Afghans who oppose the policy on the grounds that many of those released return to the battlefield to kill NATO soldiers and Afghan civilians. And those numbers understate the problem, military officials say. They do not include suspected Taliban fighters held in small combat outposts or other forward operating bases throughout the region who are released before they ever become part of the official detainee population. An Afghan official who spoke on condition of anonymity said that President Hamid Karzai’s government has personally sought the release of as many as 700 suspected Taliban fighters since July, including some mid-level leaders.

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