And I hate pot heads….

I hate the misuse of medical marijuana laws,

and the fact the states are allowing “head” shops all over our towns and cities.  It’s rampant here in Montana, even though the state just went back and defined more explicitly what is medical marijuana and the terms of it’s use and distribution.  However, the shops that had already been set up and had already been banking huge sums, are suing the state to get their cash cow back on line.

And the feds, of course, are blowing lots of your money and mine suing the states as they claim marijuana is against a federal law, and the states are circumventing said law.  Where in the Constitution does it say that intrastate commerce, even if illegal, is subject to federal law?

One would think that medical marijuana which requires a prescription to dispense would only be dispensed to those truly in need.  If you believe that I’ve got some ocean front property here in Montana that I’ll sell you cheap.  That’s making a presumption that just because one has a license to practice medicine, that one doesn’t want a second Mercedes, or a third, one for both his wife and his girlfriend.  There are crooks in every profession, and those docs already breaking the law and smoking a kilo of marijuana a month have no compunction against writing a prescription for anyone and everyone who comes along.  Let’s see, do you qualify for a medical marijuana prescription?  Do you have aches and pains?  With that criteria, one used for most medical marijuana phony prescriptions, every eight year old who’s growing too fast, everyone who went to the gym yesterday and worked out a little too hard, everyone who slept a little wrong and got a kink in his/her neck, everyone over 40 who’s merely getting a little older, is a potential medical marijuana prescription recipient.

As we found with prohibition, making something illegal is merely making it more attractive to many, and certainly not eliminating its use, or its availability; and only increases its profitability.

It’s time to make marijuana legal and take the attraction away.  And I hate the debilitating, demeaning, stinking stuff.

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