Short & Simple

The only way any health care program is going to work for ALL Americans is if it applies to ALL Americans.  If politicians and federal employees are excluded, or given special consideration, as has been the past and is continuing, then NO program will work.  It’s time the aristocrats in Congress and the Administration, and all government employees joined hand in hand with the rest of us, joined in solving the budget problems of the country.  And to do so they must come down to earth.  To do so they must realize they are no better than the rest of us.  So, Congress passed a health care bill, the Supreme Court upheld a good part of it…the liberals in the Senate and House and the Administration crowed long and loud, and will continue to crow long and loud until it begins to collapse the economy more than it already has, yet no one has said what’s good for the people is equally good for government employees and Congress.  They continue to hold themselves above WE THE PEOPLE.

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