The Gender Gap Or The Edge Of The Cliff?

The Gender Gap?  Or The Edge Of A Cliff?

by L. J. Martin

It’s interesting to me that Obama is now perceived as having a large lead among women voters.  I have long said that the Republican party is way out of line in their approach to abortion…in fact that government is way out of line in that regard.  I can understand that the concept of when a life is a life is an issue of law, but of federal law?  Why the hell are they talking about any issue other than saving the country?

Roe v. Wade is and was a great compromise between those with religious beliefs that life begins at contraception and those who feel a woman shouldn’t be burdened with raising a child resulting from a rape, or one whose been determined to have disease or disability, or merely one who’s not wanted.  Sorry, but being raised ‘not wanted’ is a terrible way to be thrust upon the world and upon your life.  Not to speak of the cost.  A crack baby, after all, costs society way over a million dollars and then what quality of life might that child have.  Then again, a life is a life, and I can find lots of contributors to society who started life with terrible circumstance.  Is a baby worth a million dollars…of course it is.  Is it worth a million dollars for me, individually, to have to take from my own children and grandchildren in order to support the child of another?  It all comes down to self-reliance and to whom each and every one of us is accountable.  If we stand accountable first to ourselves, then to our own family, this world will be a much better place.  We are all our brother’s keepers, but there has to be a limit.

I’ve heard all these arguments time and again from both sides of the aisle and both sides of main street.

It’s my belief that your body is your temple.  What is more personal that this flesh and blood within which we all stumble along day after day, within which the soul resides?  No one else faces your disease and no one treads the path of death with you…it’s a path you take alone.  And there is no religion, at least not for the individual, unless there is self.  If you’re not there, you don’t hear the tree fall in the forest, nor the clouds part and that heavenly voice ring out…I’ve not personally heard it, but believe me the thunder has gotten my attention on more than one occasion.

So, as self-centered as it may sound, you have to first take care of yourself. And I mean take care of yourself, not expect others to do so, including the federal government…in fact, the federal government most, or least, of all.  It’s way too impersonal.  In my opinion, the federal government has no business sticking their impersonal noses into a woman’s management of her own body, and an individual has no business expecting the federal government to provide contraception.  If a woman has the will to risk getting pregnant then she should have the will to provide her own birth control, particularly when the cost is about the same as a cup of coffee.

I’ve long said, and taught my sons, you can’t help anyone else until you help yourself.  You can’t help anyone financially unless you gain the capability to do so.  You can’t help anyone with anything unless you keep yourself healthy, unless you educate yourself…unless you’re able to climb out of the sack in the morning and get moving.  And it’s your responsibility, and yours alone to help yourself.  That’s what self-reliance is all about.

We may have arguments about all the above that will never be resolved.

All that said, there is an issue that may transcend all of our differences, and that’s the very survival of what’s proven to be the greatest country on earth.  A country within which we can shout out our differences, a country unique in that one quality, among many others.  And she is threatened.

It’s time for all of us, no matter our party, to vote to preserve this great country and not let a wedge be driven between sexes and used as a springboard to allow the country to continue to be manipulated into a mud-hole of debt from which she may never extract herself. Who wants to bring a child, wanted or unwanted, into such a country?

We can’t even argue about issues such as birth control and abortion if there’s no country left, and the current administration continues on a path to the edge of the proverbial cliff. I hope the so-called gender gap is not a hole from which none of us can extricate ourselves.

L. J. Martin is the author of 30 book length works.  He writes the conservative blog  He lives in Montana with his wife, an NYT best selling author.

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