Why Do I Have To Pay For Sandra Fluke to Fluck! (Please pardon the insinuation)

No one is a greater advocate of limiting population in this world than L. J. Martin.  That said, the horrors of some abortion are beyond ken.  However, all the water problems, all the air polution, all the food shortages, the oil shortage, and on and on and on can be attributed to growing populations.  At some point we will have to get at the root of the problem, and that root is between the legs.  That said, it’s not government’s place to pay for birth control.  These kids, like the one whining to congress about not getting free birth control, should undertake some self control.  The collective “we” are not their mommies, and anything government pays for comes out of our pockets, and if I wanted to pay for this young lady, Sandra Fluke, to have sex, it wouldn’t be with some pimple faced university law student in the dorm room next door….and by college age, particularly with the supposed intelligence to be in one of the country’s most prestigious law schools, you should have the intelligence to either keep your legs closed or buy your own birth control.  By the way, I don’t pay for sex, and never did (except for that one time when I was 17).

From Townhall.com:

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