From the Kitchen, my buddy, Neil….

From my exceptionally literate friend, Neil:

Politically correct amnesty-pro journalists now argue that describing one’s immigration status as “illegal” is irresponsible in that such a sour reference promotes fear, violence and divisiveness. When describing  an “immigrant” that chose to make entry into our country in violation of our laws, these scribes insist the more sensitive, less offensive,  adjective “undocumented” replace the mean, disparaging, commonly used adjective “illegal”. The term “alien” has for some time now been cast into the politically incorrect waste-pile in favor of the now left-wing approved term “immigrant”. Perhaps these loony-bird liberal journalists will next insist that when a burglar breaks into a home, for example,  it is draconian to describe such an entry as illegal. After all, use of such a harsh, insensitive, adjective could be hurtful to the burglar. Moreover, it could even impinge upon his civil  rights. Perhaps we would all feel better about ourselves if we were more compassionate and politically correct when choosing a proper adjective to describe an entry made in violation of our laws. “Unwelcome” entry strikes me as being touchy-feely when compared  with “illegal” or “unlawful” entry. However,  while softer in tone, the term “unwelcome” may be offensive to burglars,  illegal immigrants, and some journalist loons.

In recognition of the sensitivity associated with the term “illegal”,  I will hence forth refrain from describing wet backs as “illegal” wet backs. I will instead use the term “undocumented” wet backs. However, any compassion I nest towards burglars and loony-bird  liberal journalists shall remain a work in progress.


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