Most “Deportations” Ever????

Had an interesting conversation with a liberal lady yesterday, who proudly (but with some reticence) informed me that the Obama administration has had more deportations of illegal aliens than any former administration.  On the surface you’d think that good.  Illegal aliens=deportations.  If that wasn’t said of an administration which had joined in a lawsuit with Mexico against a state of the union, Arizona, to keep Arizona from asking those stopped for minor traffic violations to produce some evidence of citizenship, it might be easy to believe.  However if you speak to any honest ICE agent, you’ll find that when jobs are scarce, or merely when an illegal wants to return to Mexico, he turns himself into ICE.  While awaiting transportation he gets three hots and a cot, then a free ride to the border.  Things are not always as they seem.  And you can rest assured of one thing, Obama will claim it as one of his big accomplishments before the election.

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