Turn off the spigot, and watch attitudes and illegalities change.

It’s time to make American cities understand they are in America…law abiding America.  CUT OFF all federal funding to so called sanctuary cities.  If cities want to violate federal law, then they should not be entitled to federal funding.  Hit them where it hurts; as all the cities who want to pick your pocket and mine by supporting illegal aliens are liberal blood-suckers, let’s see just how much they’ll put their (your and my) money where their sniveling mouths are?  Like most the hand-out palm-up set, when it’s their own wallet touched by their so-called benevolent actions, they’ll get law abiding in a hurry.  Most of those in sanctuary cities are among the 48% who pay no taxes in the first place, the only way to convince them to abide by the law, other than send a brigade of ICE officers in to raid their soup kitchens and tent cities, is to stop the dole.


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