Gaddafi, Thumbing His Ugly Nose At Us – Gaddifi.


Gaddafi, Thumbing His Ugly Nose At Us…

Is Soros driving our foreign policy as well?  Gaddafi is laughing at us.

Let’s see…Gaddafi is overrunning those fighting for democracy.  So what’s new?  While Obama kisses George Soros’s butt, who wants a one world government thus everything must be cleared with the U.N., rebels in Libya die.  I know in my heart that the U.K. and France are both ready to flex their muscles in North Africa, again, so it must be the U.S. who’s the holdup?  Maybe Barrack Hussein is awaiting the approval of the Saudi King?  Now I don’t have any illusions about what kind of government we’ll end up with in Tunisia, Libya, or any other rebelling Sharia Law country, but Gaddafi deserves to die, ask any of the relatives of the Lockerby, Scotland bombing.  He’s lived far too long with his blond assistant as it is.  He should have died a fiery screaming death a long time ago, if right was right.  Now that we have not only the chance, but the support of half the world, we still sit on our hands.  Where does that $650 billion a year that’s swallowed up by the Department of Defense go?  There are times I fear it goes down the Military Industrial Complex rat hole.
And, oh, by the way, why should the U.N. step up.  We’re the only member who’s caught up with their dues, thanks to us paying up last year…when I say us I mean the democratic congress…when the money was far better spent elsewhere.  But I’d bet my bottom dollar it was paid at the the damand…of Georgy Boy Soros.  Georgy and Gaddafi, driving American policy.
Come on, Hussein, let’s show off some of those high dollar missiles and fancy directional bombs and send Gaddafi to his 70 virgins, I know they’re anxiously awaiting that handsome Muammar.

Let’s send Gaddafi to his 70 virgins.

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